Rebecca de Alba and the marriage that was invented for her without even knowing the illustrious boyfriend

1669291629 Rebecca de Alba and the marriage that was invented for

Rebecca de Alba is a Mexican actress, model and television presenter (Photo: Adrián Monroy/Medios y Media/Getty Images). Rebecca Alba She is one of the most recognized Mexican celebrities for her altruistic causes, her extensive career as a host and for being considered one of the most beautiful women in the artistic world. In her love … Read more

After two weeks hospitalized, Rebecca Jones reappeared with a photo

1668492609 After two weeks hospitalized Rebecca Jones reappeared with a photo

Rebecca Jones has seen her health deteriorate for a few years, when she was diagnosed with cancer (Photo: Instagram/@la_rebeccajones) After a few days ago the health of Rebecca Jones alert her fans, after it was reported that the actress was in intensive care, now the artist has reappeared on her social networks. Rebecca Jones released … Read more

5 PHOTOS of Rebecca de Alba that show why she WON the heart of Ricky Martin

5 PHOTOS of Rebecca de Alba that show why she

In the 90s, Rebecca from Alba Y Ricky Martin They became one of the most stable media couples of the moment, after a seven-year relationship, they decided to end their romance. you are five photos show why the former Mexican model conquered the heart of the Puerto Rican singer at that time, when they were … Read more

Rebecca Jones salió de terapia intensiva y está en recuperación

1668122476 Rebecca Jones salio de terapia intensiva y esta en recuperacion

Rebecca Jones ha tenido mejoras considerables, luego de más de siete días hospitalizada (Foto: Instagram/@la_rebeccajones) Luego de una semana de haber sido internada y estar grave debido a una deficiencia pulmonar, Rebecca Jones finalmente dejó el área de cuidados intensivos y se encuentra en recuperación. Rebecca Jones presentó mejoras, pero continúa hospitalizada La actriz presentó … Read more

Rebecca Schaeffer: Actress murdered by an obsessed fan

Rebecca Schaeffer Actress murdered by an obsessed fan

Find a Grave Grave of Rebecca Schaeffer / Rebecca Schaeffer The death of Rebecca Schaeffer at the hands of a fan, Robert John Bard, left a legacy through a monumental change in the law. His murder, in part, sparked legislation making stalking a crime. Schaeffer got her “big break” with her role on the CBS … Read more

Rebecca Jones and Alejandro Camacho: the harmony broken by an imprudence without bad intention

1662073810 Rebecca Jones and Alejandro Camacho the harmony broken by an

Rebecca Jones. (Photo by Media and Media / Getty Images) Actress Rebecca Jones formed one of the most solid marriages in the artistic world with fellow actor Alejandro Camacho. They were married for more than 20 years and had a son, Maximiliano Camacho Jones. In addition, the famous couple shared credits in many soap operas … Read more

Rebecca Drucker: who is the manager who also denounced Ricky Martin and why

1657171620 Rebecca Drucker who is the manager who also denounced Ricky

The last days of Ricky Martin have been involved in controversy after being denounced twice; in addition to being accused of domestic violence, his former manager sued him for cheating her out of three million dollars. Rebecca Drucker alleges that the Puerto Rican singer breached a contract and refused to pay her that amount for … Read more

Ricky Martin accused of: “Low pay and substance abuse”, by his former manager Rebecca Drucker

Ricky Martin accused of Low pay and substance abuse by

Ricky Martin, Puerto Rican singer. Photo: Emma McIntyre. /Getty Images Just when the singer Ricky Martin attacks the veto of the kiss between two women in the film Disney“Lightyear”, the singer and human rights activist he is accused of poor pay and of having had a somewhat disorderly life in the period that Rebecca Drucker … Read more

Rebecca Jones sent a message of support to Susana Dosamantes: “I’m still here”

1651077939 Rebecca Jones sent a message of support to Susana Dosamantes

The actress had ovarian cancer from 2017 to 2019 After what Susana Dosamantes confirmed that she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancerreceived a wave of support from his family, friends, fans and figures from the middle of the show. Such was the case with Rebecca Joneswho from experience, He sent him a message of support in … Read more