This is Lorena González, the new girlfriend of Giovani Dos Santos and daughter of Dr. Simi | PHOTOS

This is Lorena Gonzalez the new girlfriend of Giovani Dos

Recently, we have seen that the striker Giovani Dos Santos is starting romance with a model named Lorraine Gonzalez. The new one partner spill love on social networks and this has not gone unnoticed by Internet users, as well as the name of the famous dr simi also came out in this relationship. The 33-year-old … Read more

Jonas Brothers copied Rosalía and showed off their Dr. Simi collection after their visit to Mexico

1662494628 Jonas Brothers copied Rosalia and showed off their Dr Simi

Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas make up the Jonas Brothers. (REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz) Since the stuffed animals dr simi They went from simple figures to signs of affection that Mexicans give to their favorite artists -national or international- during the concerts they offer in the country, have sparked controversy on social networks. While many … Read more

This is how Joaquín Pardavé inspired the face of the doll of Dr. Simi

1661117211 This is how Joaquin Pardave inspired the face of the

Joaquín Pardavé is the face that inspired the image of Dr. Simi (Photos: Instagram/@estrellas-cineoro/@drsimi_oficial) The botargas of dr simi are no longer the only viral symbol of the Similar pharmaciesbecause the Mexicans have taken it upon themselves to make their stuffed figure a reminder for the great artists who visit Aztec lands, since the new … Read more