Exactor and faithful believer… All about Eduardo Verástegui, Tamara Falcó’s new friend who has captured ALL eyes

Exactor and faithful believer All about Eduardo Verastegui Tamara Falcos

Special · Tamara Falcó Tamara Falcó is causing a great furor in Mexico and all eyes have focused on Eduardo Verástegui, the exactor who has become the Marquise de Griñón’s maximum support. However, a detail of his intimate life has generated a stir. We tell you! Tamara Falco has caused a great … Read more

This is the curious (and intense) relationship of Tamara Falcó with Isabel Presyler, her unconditional support during the Íñigo Onieva scandal

This is the curious and intense relationship of Tamara Falco

Tamara Falco It has been the protagonist of the pink news of the week and, if we hurry, of the year. Their commitment with express breakup has made her the star of television grills and gossip press with the involuntary participation of her mother, Isabel Preysler. But if something has become clear to us this … Read more

The damage prevention protocol that Isabel Preysler has taught Tamara Falcó: 50 years preventing the scandal from “staining or splashing” her

1664692098 The damage prevention protocol that Isabel Preysler has taught Tamara

“It neither stained nor splashed me, but the intention was clear,” he declared. Isabel Preysler a Hello! on June 8, 1989, after Paloma Ruiz-Mateos attacked her by throwing a cake at her of sponge cake, cream and cream from the Mallorca pastry shop. The daughter of businessman José María Ruiz-Mateos He followed her down Calle … Read more

The three women who manage (wonderfully) the life of Tamara Falcó: Isabel Preysler, Susana Uribarri and Ana Boyer

The three women who manage wonderfully the life of Tamara

No one could ever imagine that the relationship recent of Tamara Falco could arouse so many passions. The drama caused by the uncertain courtship, the sudden commitment and the more than viral infidelity of Inigo Onieva It does not have much mystery, beyond verifying that not even the aristocrats are safe from disappointments. Everything has … Read more

Tamara Falcó explains in El Hormiguero why it took so long to find out about the infidelity of her ex-fiancé, Iñigo Onieva: “I was in my cloud”

Tamara Falco explains in El Hormiguero why it took so

With his overwhelming naturalness and his youthful way of analyzing the most absurd situations he has had to live through, Tamara Falco has explained in the anthill how she has gone from being engaged to Iñigo Onieva to breaking up with him definitively and throwing him out of her house and her life in less … Read more

Tamara Falcó resurfaces after giving her first statements about Iñigo Onieva: how to masterfully monetize a media marquisate, a romantic relationship and a viral infidelity

Tamara Falco resurfaces after giving her first statements about Inigo

The dreaded day of giving explanations arrived and Tamara Falco He far surpassed the biggest reputational crisis he has had to face in his brief but intense influencer life, there is no forgiveness for Iñigo Onieva thanks to hackers who were in charge of revealing the deception to the Marchioness of Griñon. Who would have … Read more

The scandal that surrounds Tamara Falcó, the sister of Enrique Iglesias, after announcing her marriage

1664478678 The scandal that surrounds Tamara Falco the sister of Enrique

“As long as this is true, everything ends here”. That forceful phrase was said to him Tamara FalcoSpanish socialite and Marchioness of Griñón, to her boyfriend Inigo Onieva; after receiving some videos on his cell phone in which His couple appeared to kiss with another woman at the Nevada Music Festival, in USA. His confession … Read more

Judicial conflict between L-Gante and Tamara Báez: what is the amount that the singer spends and the request for a perimeter restriction

1664413778 Judicial conflict between L Gante and Tamara Baez what is the

Tamara Baez’s lawyer revealed the figure that L-Ghent spends as alimony Tamara Báez and L-Ghent they separated on bad terms, amid rumors of infidelity on the part of the singer (first with a dancer and then with Wanda Nara). Now they face in Justice for various issues. John Paul Merlothe young influencer’s lawyer, gave details … Read more

What does Tamara Falcó’s black suit mean: the details and hidden messages of the look that she has worn in her reappearance after infidelity

1664367009 What does Tamara Falcos black suit mean the details and

We could say that the Tamara Falco and Inigo Onieva has been one of the more media breaks. The events that happened in fits and starts and through the networks have kept half of Spain in suspense, which has empathized with the Marchioness as she had never done. The recognized infidelity on the part of … Read more

Tamara Báez exposed a chat she had with L-Gante: jealousy, reproaches and threats

1655218582 Tamara Baez shared retro photos of L Ghent without tattoos on

The threat of L-Ghent for Tamara Báez L-Ghent, Tamara Báez, Wanda Nara, Mauro Icardi… They are the names of a new romantic, media and, of course, scandalous intersection. Is that the rumors that the sister of Zaira and the cumbiero are together circulate with increasing force since she confirmed her separation from the Galatasaray player … Read more