Camilo and Evaluna show off the new tattoos they got

1659753720 Camilo and Evaluna show off the new tattoos they got

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The meaning behind Camila Mendes’ tattoos

The meaning behind Camila Mendes tattoos

There is much to admire Camila Mendez. First, her acting prowess, which she has demonstrated since 2017 as the beloved character Veronica Lodge on The CW’s hit teen drama “Riverdale.” Of course, too, her dazzling beauty, which has captivated many, including her co-star Charles Meltonwith whom Mendes It was out for more than a year … Read more

Expert criticized Christian Nodal’s tattoos: “He destroys his face”

1656592540 Expert criticized Christian Nodals tattoos He destroys his face

Christian Nodal was analyzed by René ZZ (Photo: Instagram) the tattoos of Christian Nodal They have caught the attention of the public, because when the composer began his career and began to gain popularity in the medium, his skin did not show so many designs embodied in ink. It has been two years to date … Read more

Tamara Báez shared retro photos of L-Ghent without tattoos on her face

1655218582 Tamara Baez shared retro photos of L Ghent without tattoos on

Tamara Báez and L-Gante had some crises, but they were able to overcome them and today they enjoy their family life with little Jamaica (Instagram: @ tamibaez429) There are few people who know L-Ghent since before the explosion of his popularity and one of them, without a doubt, is his girlfriend Tamara Baez. So much … Read more

Poncho de Nigris “mocks” about Nodal’s tattoos

Poncho de Nigris mocks about Nodals tattoos

Poncho de Nigris “mocks” about Nodal’s tattoos Famous Mexican television presenter of Italian descent Nigris Poncho joked about tattoos Nodal and caused a lot of grace in the various social networks with said video. Through his official Instagram account, Poncho de Nigris joked Over the tattoos de Nodal, he made a joke in it, however, … Read more

Poncho de Nigris made fun of Nodal’s tattoos: “I don’t know if I got out of a prison or Belinda left me”

1654226296 Poncho de Nigris made fun of Nodals tattoos I dont

Poncho de Nigris put a filter with tattoos on his face to make a joke. After his breakup with Belindathe private life of Christian Nodal has been placed at the center of public opinion, as both Internet users and public figures have made jokes, memes and direct criticism of the tattoos on his face and … Read more

While Nodal erases the last tattoo he had of Belinda, another man tattoos his name

While Nodal erases the last tattoo he had of Belinda

While Nodal erases the last tattoo he had of Belinda, another man tattoos his name. | PHOTO: SPECIAL The controversy between what was considered the couple of the year 2020, continues to give much to talk about, this time because, while Nodal the last tattoo he had of Belinda is erased, another man tattoos his … Read more

Yailin La Más Viral and Anuel AA: the tattoos with which they sealed their love

1651364311 Yailin La Mas Viral and Anuel AA the tattoos with

Since a few months, Anuel AA Y Yailin The Most Viral They form one of the most recognized couples in international entertainment. After a long relationship between the singer of “Dictadura” and Carol G, this is one of the artist’s most notorious romances. Thus, each of the steps of the bride and groom attract the … Read more

Rauw Alejandro tattoos Rosalía’s name on his abdomen

Rauw Alejandro tattoos Rosalias name on his abdomen

Elizabeth InfantesGetty Images Since Rosalia and Rauw Alejandro make their relationship official In September of last year, when they had been in a relationship for several months – without knowing exactly since when, since they refuse to comment on it – their cuddles in public and their displays of affection have not stopped. Whether they … Read more