The world upside down: Issei Sagawa, the ‘Kobe cannibal’ who became a celebrity

The world upside down Issei Sagawa the Kobe cannibal who

It was a quiet night in 1981 when the Dutch student Renée Hartevelt I was reading poetry in the apartment of the young Japanese Issei Sagawa. With a good intonation and her eyes absorbed in her reading, the last thing the young woman managed to do was read some of her final verses, before Sagawa … Read more

Kim Kardashian turned Instagram upside down with unpublished photos of her birthday

1666799846 Kim Kardashian turned Instagram upside down with unpublished photos of

Kim Kardashian is one of the influencers that was consolidated thanks to Instagram. (Infobae) kim kardashian celebrated his birthday number 42 on October 21, a celebration that included A big party with exclusive guests of which little by little has revealed details. Through your account Instagramthe American socialite shared a series of Photographs of the … Read more

Kim Kardashian turns Instagram upside down with daring photos

1661790996 The unmissable photos of Celia Lora on Instagram that put

kim kardashian is a monster of social networksone of the few personalities that with each update cause a stir among the millions of people who follow her and this time was no exception. The American model, businesswoman, and socialite shared a photo shoot that raised the temperature of the more than 330 million followers who … Read more

“It turns everyone upside down”, Aleida Núñez boasts more than her beauty

It turns everyone upside down Aleida Nunez boasts more than

Aleida Núñez boasts more than her beauty, “She turns everyone upside down” | Instagram Precious!, the beauty Aleida Nunez She was seen on social networks with her beauty in all splendor and the result was that she left all Internet users upside down, surely that was the goal of this beautiful woman. The actress Mexican … Read more