Black Friday Sephora: 10 products worth the “investment”! – Fashionism

Black Friday Sephora 10 products worth the investment Fashionism

Every Black Friday is always the same, a thousand possibilities, a discount war, a list in hand, but sometimes it’s so much – and not always so much money hehehelp – that we get lost at the hour! With that, exercising in a healthy way the act of influencing and, as usual: I made a … Read more

How Much Is Leonardo DiCaprio Worth?

How Much Is Leonardo DiCaprio Worth

Jordan Strauss/AP/Shutterstock Leonardo DiCaprio has been a household name since 1996. This American actor, producer, philanthropist and environmental activist continues to delight and surprise audiences by taking on different roles across many genres. Net Worth: $260 million Date of Birth: Nov. 11, 1974 Primary Source of Wealth: Acting Career Highlights: Best known for playing Jack … Read more

Is it worth trying to sway the most staunch climate deniers?

Journal Reference: Arunima Krishna. Lacuna publics: advancing a typology of disinformation-susceptible publics using the motivation-attitude-knowledge framework. Journal of Public Relations Research, 2021; 1 DOI: 10.1080/1062726X.2021.1944155 Arunima Krishna, a Boston University College of Communication researcher who studies public perceptions of controversial social issues, is studying the spread of disinformation, specifically related to climate science β€” an … Read more