The actress Anabel Gutiérrez was very beautiful when she was young and these photos prove it

On August 21, 2022, the entertainment world went into mourning due to the death of the Mexican interpreter Anabel Gutiérrez at 89 years; This was reported by his nephew, the journalist José Luis Arévalo, through a publication on his Twitter account.

“6 hours after saying goodbye and having received her blessing, my beloved aunt Anabel Gutiérrez passed away this Sunday night. RIP… I will always remember you”, she reads in the post.

After hearing the unfortunate news, Internet users remembered some of the most important roles that the star played throughout his career.

This was the trajectory of Anabel Gutiérrez: she caused sighs as a young woman

From the age of 16, Anabel ventured into the art industry and was part of a large number of projects such as ‘Desired’, ‘The Three Elenas’, ‘Girls in Uniform’ and the acclaimed film ‘School of Vagabonds’, where she shared credits with renowned celebrities such as Pedro Infante, Miroslava Stern, Liliana Durán and Óscar Pulido.

In an interview on the YouTube channel ’24 per second’, on November 16, 2019, Gutiérrez spoke about the importance of his character in the film that was released in 1955.

“It was a great movie, really. I love to see her. But look how funny, of all the movies I made, it’s the only one that people remember; they always tell me: ‘I recognize her from ‘School for vagabonds’. It really was a movie. (…) It was a film that left a big mark on me”, commented Anabel.

In the talk, the comedian also revealed what led her to be interested in the entertainment industry from a very young age.

“I always (wanted to be an artist). Look, I’m going to explain something to you: I chose to be an actress because I come from a theater family, I grew up and lived in the theater. My dad was an actor, my mom was a dancer, I had a grandfather who was a comic actor. (…) I grew up in the theater”, she pointed out.

Anabel Gutiérrez also acted on television

In addition to her extensive list of hits in the seventh art, the interpreter appeared in programs for the small screen such as ‘Sometime we will have wings’, ‘Carita de Ángel’ and ‘Chespirito’, the comedy production in which she became the fun character of Doña Espotaverderona, Chimoltrufia’s mother (played by Florinda Meza).

However, this was not the first time that the celebrity worked hand in hand with Roberto Gómez Bolaños, whom he met during the movie “Angelitos del trapecio” (1959). In the aforementioned conversation, Anabel spoke about her experience with the actor.

“You have no idea what Roberto was. Roberto was a bread, he was a wonderful man, I loved him very much as a co-worker. Kind, cute, attentive, he was very comfortable working with him, he was a very nice person with me”.

Actress Amairani Romero shared photos of her mother, Anabel Gutiérrez

Frequently, Amairani shows off some photographs of her best family moments and her fans do not hesitate to leave affectionate comments.

For example, on June 13, 2021, he posted a series of snapshots in which Anabel appears with a big smile.

“What a wonderful lady”, “How beautiful to see Mrs. Anabel”, “My admiration and respect for her”, “Great actress”, “Beautiful smile” and “Great actress of the golden age”, are just some of the messages that are read at the bottom of the publication.

Previously, on May 18, 2021, Romero moved Instagram with beautiful portraits in which he poses with his mom.

“A hug”, “Always so beautiful”, “Beautiful women”, “An icon”, “Divine”, “What a beauty”, “My platonic love” and “I love her”, wrote the admirers of the interpreters.

Tell us, which of the movies that Anabel Gutiérrez starred in is your favorite?

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The actress Anabel Gutiérrez was very beautiful when she was young and these photos prove it

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