The celebrities who left Mexico after breaking up: Belinda and Christian Nodal

To be the fashionable couple in to be the singles who do not want to remain in Aztec land. Y They broke off their courtship and marriage plans a couple of months ago, but the aftermath is still fresh. Or at least that’s what it seems by the actions of each one. Beyond speculation about whether one or the other has already rebuilt their love life or not, the concrete thing is that neither wants to remain on Mexican soil and they have already left abroad.

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He was the first to announce the breakup of their year-and-a-half relationship last February, and a few days later Belinda herself confirmed the news that shocked all her fans, and the Mexican entertainment world in general. Little mattered engagement ring in hand, shared pet and tattoos dedicated to each other.

After the release of both, in which neither revealed the real reasons for the separation, the Mexican regional music singer decided to take a plane and cross the Mexican border to the north. For her part, the Aztec nationalized Spanish interpreter and actress chose to return to her origins: Europe.

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A photo of when everything was love (Photo: People en Español / Instagram)


Each one put forward their reasons, which are valid or not, true or not, are what they have exposed to the public and especially to their fans, who were eager to know if their departures from Mexico were temporary or permanent. and Belinda to Spain.

“It’s very complicated to live in Mexico… you can’t have anything to taste,” the interpreter of “Bottle after bottle” said a few days ago through a live video on Instagram and after being asked about his future in the Latin American country.

“You can’t have your nice car, your nice house because everyone will know where you live, everyone will know what car you’re in,” the artist continued. And he exemplified this by saying that once he bought a luxury car, a Ferrari —the only model of said vehicle in Mexico—, which everyone recognized, so people knew where he was and where he was passing by. “I didn’t like that there was no privacy, which there is in the United States,” he pointed out.

Meanwhile, in March, , in an interview to a Spanish radio indicated that “I am going to settle here (in Madrid, Spain) to live. I am super excited because it is a new stage of my life”, explained the interpreter of “Love at first sight”, who at the same time promoted the Netflix series, “Welcome to Eden”, where she gives life to Africa, one of the main characters, thus returning to acting after 12 years.


Although both have not wanted to give details of the reasons why they decided to end their relationship when they were expected to marry, new information on the reasons for the breakup came out a few weeks ago.

According One of the causes was a loan that Nodal made to Belinda to pay a tax debt, but she ended up paying another debt she had with her ex-boyfriend, Lupillo Rivera: a house.

However, that would not be the only reason, because people who worked closely with the couple revealed that “Nodal would have been unfaithful to repeatedly. He supposedly was very much in love with her, but several times he cheated on her with escorts. Although it seemed that they were together all the time, it was not like that and when he was not with her, he took the opportunity to have fun. There were times that he would disappear and not even answer Belinda’s phone ”.

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The celebrities who left Mexico after breaking up: Belinda and Christian Nodal

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