The checkerboard print is still the order of the day, word of Kendall Jenner (and the rest of our Instagram feed)

If there is something that Gambit de Dama left us – in addition to some style lessons – it is the love for him. checkered print. This print was not born with the series, obviously, but it was reinforced and driven by it. So much so that today it continues to tread stronger than ever.

Although it has been in use for many years, the checkerboard pattern became popular especially in the 60s and currently we frame it within those retro prints that are so popular now. Historically the most used version has been in black and white, like the chessboard itself, but today we also have garments of colors more lively with which to give a twist to this pattern.

Lately we have seen it a lot both in stores and on Instagram, with celebrities like Kendall Jenner wearing it in all kinds of clothes, from dresses or shirts to pants.

Checkerboard shirts

We can also wear it in shirt format

We have also wanted to join this trend, both in its most classic version black & white as with some more colorful garments. And this is our selection:

Short dress with ruching

Asos Checkered Dress

This dress seems to us the most for a dinner or party night or for a summer day. In addition, by having a semitransparent fabric on the sleeves, it achieves a “two-color” optical effect. 41.99 euros.

Checkered short dress

Checkered short dress

Mini skirt with bow

Asos Checkered Skirt 1

The miniskirt is one of the garments of the season, so joining the checkerboard print with one seems like a great idea. 25.99 euros.

Checkered miniskirt

Bell trousers

Checkered Bell Pants

These trousers seem like a perfect opportunity to join the checkerboard print to the wide trousers (campaign in this case) how successful they are this season. 34.99 euros.

Flared trousers with checkerboard print

Flared trousers with checkerboard print

Shirt dress

Asos Brown Checkered Dress

This other shirt style dress in brown we love to join the trend in fall and winter. Since with high boots, stockings and even a sweater on top, it is ideal. 44.99 euros.

Shirt dress with checkered print

Shirt dress with checkered print

Knitted vest

Green vest

Adding some color to the checkerboard pattern we arrive at this jacket, another of the garments of the season, in green. 33.99 euros.

Green checkered vest

Knitted cardigan

Cardigan Damero

If what we are looking for is something even more patterned and colorful, this lilac and blue cardigan it is perfect to fill our closet with color. 27.99 euros.

Knitted cardigan with checkered print

Knitted cardigan with checkered print

Knit skirt

Checkered Knit Skirt

The previous cardigan also brings a matching skirt, with the same pattern and colors, knitted. 27.99 euros.

Checkered print skirt

Lilac pants

Lilac Checkered Pants

To finish with the most colorful garments we could not leave out these wide lilac pants that seem the most to us. 36.99 euros.

Checkered lilac pants

Checkered lilac pants

Vans shoes

Vans Damero 1

And finally we take the checkerboard print beyond clothing, also using it in the classic vans. 70 euros.

Checkered Vans sneakers

Checkered Vans sneakers

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The checkerboard print is still the order of the day, word of Kendall Jenner (and the rest of our Instagram feed)