The curious coincidence of La China Suárez at the Platinum Awards: he played football in a stadium called Wanda

China Suárez gave everything in the match of the stars of the Wanda Metropolitano

Protected by the groves and sheltered by the zigzag path of the highways, the stadium appears, imposing and ostentatious. Wanda Metropolitan. The house that Atlético Madrid opened in 2017, when it left the historic Vicente Calderón that housed them for half a century to build one of the most modern stadiums on the Old Continent, and that did not undermine the passion of its fans. “Today we are going to the house of the current champion of the League”, he points out as he passes and without anyone asking him, José Luis, the driver of the transfer that takes the journalists, among whom is Infobae. He puffs out his chest and feels doubly host, applying an extra dose of hospitality that is transferred to the rest of the people of Madrid.

But at least today José Luis will live a relaxed day, because in the sunny and merciless noon in the Spanish capital he does not play the Aleti. The Wanda dressed up to host the match of “The stars vs the ambassadors of the League”, a classic of the Platinum Awards, whose ninth installment will take place next Sunday at Spanish night. It is the official beginning of the activities of a weekend in which the Spanish capital will beat to the rhythm of the Ibero-American cinema and audiovisual awards and the kickoff took place for the first time on the playing field of the impressive mattress stadium, as knows the club that Cholo Simeone directs.

China Suárez returned to Spain and played football at the Wanda Metropolitano stadium

It is a mixed, informal and solidarity meeting in favor of Ukrainian refugees and in collaboration with the Red Cross, which was held for the first time on the playing field of Atlético de Madrid, one of the sponsors of the event. And in a dream setting, surrounded by figures from all walks of life, China Suárez stole all eyes and was the great star of the day. Because of her charisma and her beauty, of course, two well-known attributes on both sides of the Atlantic. But also because of a competitive spirit and the good understanding that she had with her colleagues in a strange environment for her, far from the stage and on the very green grass of the Wanda.

The actress started on the substitute bench but since the ball began to roll it was seen that she did not come to hang out and immediately joined her teammates, a team made up of the Argentine, among others Franco Massini, the Colombian women Carolina Gaitan and the Spanish Marc Clotet, while from the outside they had the encouragement of the Casa de Papel Henry Maple (Arthur) Y Darko Peric (Helsinki). But neither the Teacherneither tokyo neither berlin would have been enough to face a rival made up of historic players like Javier Saviola, Fernando Hierro, Gaizka Mendieta and Fernando Morientes, true legends of the Spanish Football League.

Two 25-minute halves were played and the clock read 13 when China entered the match and From the outset, he just showed that he was not there just to hang out or to fulfill commitments. With the number six shirt, he stood in the right sector of the attack and on the first play he overwhelmed his marker but did not get to shoot the center. Then he showed all his annoyance when the ball went off the side and towards the end of the stage he had a great chance to score a goal. The referee scored a dubious penalty for the Stars, supported by even more dubious VAR technology. China grabbed the ball decisively and kicked so firmly that the goalkeeper could not retain, the ball hit the post and his teammate Miguel Lago was able to score the discount.

China Suárez went through the mixed zone after the game

The result marked 6 to 2 for the Ambassadors, but at that point everything was an anecdote. What everyone was waiting for was the break, which came at the right time. It is that the sun did not let up on the playing field and artists and soccer players ran in search of something fresh and a shade that they were never going to get. Already ready for the second half, the two figures of the meeting talked animatedly to one side, perhaps plotting some attack strategy. It is that China Suárez-Rabbit Saviola It was the offensive duo of the green bib team, in a second half where actors and soccer players mixed and the game was much more even.

There the best of his performance was seen and he had a very clear scoring opportunity, when he decisively faced the rival goal and his shot was saved by Edward Roseactor of The House of Flowers, who was the great figure of the match. China lived the entire game with great intensity and gave everything they could and more. He loudly shouted his own goals, he got annoyed when he asked for it and they did not pass it to him, he regretted every rival goal and did not shrink when he had to play a ball with Mendieta, gladiator of a thousand battles. He lived the game to a thousand until he asked for the change, knowing that he had to save energy for the other half of his work.

China was pure sacrifice in the match of the stars

At the foot of the South Fund grandstand, where the hottest audience of Aleti is usually located, the mixed zone was held where China was the most requested among the stars. CWith dark glasses, boots in hand and a smile that only disappeared when Mauro Icardi was named, the actress answered questions from colleagues from all over the continent. “At first I was nervous because they are very professional,” admitted the former Almost angels who was allowed to joke with the performance of his team: “we seemed minions running behind the ball and they went ‘tick tick’ and goal”. But fundamentally, she was happy to share some time with colleagues and above all for a charitable cause.

He also expressed his joy at presenting an award at the gala next Sunday: “I am a fan of the Platinum and I hope they continue for many more years”, she yearned and recounted her joy at being reunited with her friend Lali Espositowho will be the presenter of the big party on Sunday, although she did not want to reveal her private plans or what will happen during the award ceremony.

China Suárez in the mixed zone after the All-Star Game
China Suárez in the mixed zone after the All-Star Game

With boots in hand, shirt sleeves rolled up and a face between fatigue and satisfaction, China continued its tour of the mixed zone. Dribbling the questions she didn’t want to answer. Facing towards those that she saw comfortable. And speeding up when she saw that it was all over. As she had done moments ago on the lawn of the Wanda, when with her friendliness and her attitude she stole the flashes of the Ibero-American press.


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The curious coincidence of La China Suárez at the Platinum Awards: he played football in a stadium called Wanda

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