The day Ingrid Coronado assured that she did not abandon Fernando del Solar and he blamed her for his illness

Fernando del Solar He passed away on June 30 as a result of pneumonia.; however, after the news of such an unfortunate loss was announced, hethe cruel criticism towards ingrid coronado they did not wait, since a large number of fans of the driver recalled the controversy that arose in 2015, when the couple confirmed that they were divorcing.

And it is that, after being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2012, Fernando del Solar faced a long battle against the disease, at which time his separation from Ingrid Coronado was made known, so immediately she was singled out for allegedly abandoning the presenter when I needed her most.

That is why today we remember the day when Ingrid Coronado defended herself against the strong accusations and shared his version of what he experienced during his marriage to Fernando del Solar and how he experienced his separation, which he attributes to the family of the Argentine presenter.

It was during an interview with Mónica Garza held in 2016, when the Mexican presenter broke the silence around her controversial divorce, where she finally revealed that Fernando del Solar was the one who accused her of being to blame for the disease she suffered from, among other things.

“He told me he wanted a divorce, that I felt that I hadn’t done enough to win over their parents, that I felt that the cancer was my fault. I felt like I was going to die. I cried entire nights because I didn’t want to tell anyone,” she explained.

And she remembered that, despite the fact that everyone pointed her out for having abandoned the Argentine when he needed her most, she preferred to remain silent because all she wanted was to rescue her marriage.

“They were blaming me for something I did not do, from being singled out for having abandoned the sick and I did not abandon anyone, I was there every minute. In fact, at that moment I didn’t say anything because what I wanted was to rescue my marriage, because if at the moment I go out and say: ‘it wasn’t me, it was him’ My chances are going down because obviously that would not be a move to fix things with him, “he added, noting that it was curious for her because they pointed at her saying that it was she who was abandoning him.

But that was not all, since when the television host was hospitalized, his family came to run him away because they began to control his decisions.

“The scene that I found myself in the hospital was very complicated because The parents had already taken control, so I went and talked to him, but practically everyone kicked me out. They told me that I shouldn’t be there“, he recalled.

Ingrid Coronado expressed that, despite the fact that she was still madly in love and they came to couples therapy, he insisted on a divorce, again due to the influence of his family.

“I insisted that we go into couples therapy because I truly believed that if he could only realize the influence his family had on him, we could restore our relationship. TWe had couples therapy and there he said again that what he wanted was a divorce“.

He finished, reiterating that he also loved her, but there were more important things than the love he felt for her.

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The day Ingrid Coronado assured that she did not abandon Fernando del Solar and he blamed her for his illness

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