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The day of the book in Sant Jordi, nonagenario

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We collect a selection of writers who have collaborated on the pages of ‘La Vanguardia’:

– Antonio Machado, the republican poet

The Andalusian teacher published 29 articles in ‘La Vanguardia’ between July 1937 and January 39 … a month later, he died

– Sempronio, chronicler with pen and brush

Andreu Avel.lí Artís is appointed official chronicler of the city of Barcelona, ​​becoming the last to hold this honorary and unpaid position, which was inaugurated by Víctor Balaguer in 1853

– Terenci ours who are in the Nile

The disappearance of Terenci Moix caused a real social upheaval. The writer enjoyed great popularity, not only for his work but also for his media presence, which won him the affection of the public. Heavy smoker, pulmonary emphysema ended his life at 61

Terenci Moix, photographed by Pedro Madueño on April 2, 2003


– María Luz Morales, journalism has a woman’s name

A pioneer of Spanish journalism, she was the first woman to run a headline, ‘La Vanguardia’. The Franco regime punished her for this by imprisoning her for forty days and depriving her of her status as a journalist. But the pen of the great lady of Spanish journalism was not silenced and María Luz remained ‘in the gap’ until the end of her days

– Vargas Llosa, a Nobel Prize in ‘La Vanguardia’

The Peruvian writer, nationalized Spanish, Mario Vargas Llosa takes possession of the L chair of the Royal Spanish Academy. Since 1978, he had published a dozen opinion pieces in our newspaper

– Concha Espina, forgotten novelist

Concha Espina, a Spanish writer who won the National Prize for Literature in 1927, was born in Santander. The Cantabrian novelist signed in the pages of ‘La Vanguardia’ more than a hundred articles between the years 1917 and 1926

– Salvador Espriu, the ‘notary’ poet

His poetic work touched the Nobel. Catalan federalist, confessed anti-feminist, the death he feared so much took him with him at age 71

-Miguel Angel Asturias, ‘the President’

The Guatemalan writer, mestizo of Spanish blood by his father, Nobel Prize in Literature in 1967 began his collaboration with ‘La Vanguardia’ in 1970 where he published more than a hundred articles. We offer our readers a selection of them

– Gaziel, from the trenches to ‘La Vanguardia’

The most intellectual of journalists, Gaziel, became the leading opinion on the hectic political life of the 1930s, both in Madrid and in the Plaza de Sant Jaume. His experience in the trenches of World War I forged an unrepeatable reporter

And other pro writers:

-The Tortuous Life of a Genius, Lawrence Durrell

At the age of 12 he was writing his poems in London jazz clubs, his daughter hanged herself after accusing him of incest. Literary myth, this is his story

– Gerald Durrell, a very human animal

We were conquered by his unmistakable British humor and simple language, which made him the most widely read writer of animal stories in history.

Obsessed with preserving endangered species, he founded his private zoo on the island of Jersey. There he passed away at the age of 70.

Producer of films about his expeditions to Africa and Latin America, he was also the presenter of twelve television series, among which ‘The amateur naturalist’ stands out.

– Evelyn Waugh, England’s Most Hated Novelist

Evelyn, misogynistic, snobbish, rude and reactionary to the core, reflected the frivolous interwar generation with her witty social satire. But he never made his creatures die in the family toilet. There he died after hearing mass on Easter Sunday in 1966. He was 63 years old.

– Alfonsina Estorni, the man who had the misfortune to be born a woman

Literary criticism, which places his works in postmodernism, affirms that his artistic originality changed Latin American letters

Alfonsina Estorni

Alfonsina Estorni

Third parties

– Jorge Guillén, enemy of Francoism, premieres the Cervantes

The most vindictive poet of the Generation of 27, contrary to the Franco regime, wins the most prestigious award in Spanish literature

– Marga Gil, the suicidal in love with Juan Ramón

Gifted artist, poet and sculptor, she had met the future Nobel Prize winner just a few months earlier. The 51-year-old poet was married to Zenobia Camprubí so their relationship was impossible. Unable to accept the situation, Marga shot herself in the temple. I was only 24 years old

Clan Gil

Marga Gi l

Third parties

– Selma Lagerlöf, the first Nobel writer

In 1909 the Swedish Selma Lagerlöf won the Nobel Prize for Literature. A rural teacher of unusual talent, she thus became the first woman to win the institution’s prized award in its more than two centuries of history.

– Graham Greene, the English spy who novelized the losers

Graham Greene, famous writer and confessed British secret agent, one of the most prolific authors of the 20th century, passes away in Vevey, Switzerland. He was 86 years old

– 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Shakespeare

Today reading it is as necessary as then. The scarcity of biographical data casts doubt on the veracity of his existence, but apart from speculation, a single truth prevails: the work of William Shakespeare makes him the best playwright in history

– Carmen Conde: the first woman in the RAE

The poet, short story writer, playwright, memorialist, cultural agitator, republican and bisexual Carmen Conde was voted in 1978 as the first woman to hold an armchair in the Royal Spanish Literary Academy attesting to the strength of her convictions.

– Borges or the injustice of the Nobel

Jorge Luis Borges was not afraid of death. Only one thing terrified him, being Borges again. The eternal Nobel candidate, a fundamental writer of 20th century literature, died in Geneva 30 years ago

– Ana María Matute: the ‘K’ woman

The novelist took office as the only woman in the RAE leaving things very clear: “There is no difference between the writing of a man and a woman.” His life trajectory and his production

Ana María Matute poses for La Vanguardia disguised on the occasion of the 2006 Carnival celebration

Ana María Matute poses for ‘La Vanguardia’ disguised on the occasion of the 2006 Carnival celebration

Pedro Madueño / LV

– The talent of Ms. Highsmith

Obsessed with her mother and constantly struggling with the inner demons that prevented her from facing her homosexuality, for her ‘writing was everything’. A candidate for the Nobel Prize in 1991, she settled in Switzerland fleeing the stress of social life.

– Federico García Lorca. Poet in New York

Our poet stayed in New York for a year, from June 1929 to the middle of 1930. That short period of time allowed him to practically complete ‘Poet in New York’ Four years after his death, the New York publisher WW Norton Company publishes the bilingual edition of the construction site

– Concepción Arenal, the prison visitor

Obsessed in claiming the intellectual capacity of women and their right to receive the same education as men, she made her life without intending it, a relentless struggle. Her university training, which she accepted as a ‘transvestite’, made her a woman of principle. The psychological acuity of her essays, a reflection of a sincere concern for the most disadvantaged, earned her the position of Visitor of Women’s Prisons Born a woman in an adverse time, she knew how to face the society of her time with courage

– Juan Rulfo, the silent writer in fox fur

Two works, ‘El llano en llamas’, and ‘Pedro Páramo’ were enough to make him an internationally famous author and an inevitable literary reference. His life, marked by the Mexican Revolution, was as intense as his work

– Irene Polo, a dazzling and mysterious journalist

Precursor of female journalism, teacher of the short story, inventor of the ‘sudden interviú’, republican, self-taught, homosexual, she was an innovator both on paper and in her life. Irene committed suicide at the age of 32

– Blasco Ibáñez, a Spanish Republican in Hollywood

The Valencian novelist, republican leader, managed to sell the script of ‘The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse’ to the Metro for $ 20,000 in 1921

– Montserrat Roig: literature, love and freedom, the writer who seduced a society

The Catalan literary world is shocked by the premature death of one of its most precious and talented authors. Montserrat Roig dies at 45, cancer takes a victim in the world of letters

– Pablo Neruda, Nobel Prize for Literature

On October 21, 1971, the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature

– Carmen Laforet, the graphophobic writer

That stranger would win the precious Nadal prize with her first novel, ‘Nada’ The jury surrendered at the feet of the young 23-year-old writer who, with unusual talent, drew a precise X-ray of vital sadness in the dark postwar Spanish

– Delmira Agustini, the submissive girl who wrote erotic verses

The mystery looms over the event, was Delmira murdered by her jealous husband or were their deaths due to a suicide pact? The corpse of the popular poet Delmira Agustini appeared next to that of her ex-husband and lover, Enrique Job Reyes

– In search of ten facts that you did not know about Proust

The French novelist, essayist and critic, author of the famous ‘In Search of Lost Time’ dies at the age of 51 due to bronchitis. His last breath was ‘mother’

– Marguerite Yourcenar invades ‘the world’s tightest men’s club’

Marguerite Yourcenar is the first ‘writer’ to enter the French Academy of Letters. ‘The most closed men’s club in the world’, gave one of its chairs, after almost three centuries of existence, to a woman

– JV Foix, poetry between cakes

“Leave me alone, I am many …”. This proclamation reveals the poetic personality of the great writer Josep Vicenç Foix.

From his home in Sarrià, the neighborhood where he was born and in which he lived and died, he wrote some of the most outstanding poems of contemporary Catalan literature, as well as journalistic articles of enormous influence.

– Happy Birthday, Agatha!

Agatha Christie, the most widely read writer in the English-speaking world after Shakespeare, a prolific author of detective novels, would turn 130 today.

Aghata Christie, in her study

Aghata Christie, in her study

Third parties

– Isak Dinesen, Memoirs of the ‘Honorable Lioness’

Baroness Karen Blixen fled corseted Denmark and made Africa her homeland. A talented writer, a two-time Nobel candidate, her autobiography was made into a movie with great success

– Cela, fifth Spanish writer to win the Nobel

Camilo José Cela receives the Nobel Prize for Literature, becoming the fifth Spaniard to obtain the most important award for literature in the world

– Stones in Virginia Woolf’s Coat

The English novelist and critic, exponent of 20th century feminist literature, commits suicide by drowning in the River Ouse, near Sussex

– Juan Rulfo, the silent writer in fox fur

Two works, ‘El llano en llamas’, and ‘Pedro Páramo’ were enough to make him an internationally famous author and an inevitable literary reference. His life, marked by the Mexican Revolution, was as intense as his work

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