The disappointment that the actress Marcela Gallego took when trying to find a partner in a dating ‘app’

The renowned Colombian actress Marcela Gallego viralized content through Twitter, after a curious publication she made. In this, Ella Gallego told a little about her experience dating on digital platforms.

I got into a dating app and most of those who give me likes they are under 30. So what’s up? Plop!” The comment received endless comments where they even gave it some tips to find a partner through these applications.

In fact, one of the users told him “Which app, Mmaple?…”, to which the actress replied: “How old are you? Just in case you pass the fourth floor, the ‘app’ is called Inner“, wrote.

However, it was not the only comment, so in one he answered “how” he would be looking for his partner. “That’s called being interesting and that the experience is not improvised,” said the user, to which Gallego replied: “Great! Of course my aspirations are higher, one between 47 and 55, to be more exact. Although you never know…”.

It should be noted that Gallego has an extensive career in acting, since he began when he was only 15 years old and today he is 51. At 13, he was already taking theater workshops at the Colombian Theater Corporation. In addition, he has had important roles on the small and big screen. Her most recent character is called Rosa, mother of the protagonist, from the novel I dedicate, of RCN.

He has also participated in many plays, but one of the most remembered is the vagina monologues. Due to her career, for many users it is normal that even people younger than her are interested in dating the actress.

Gallego’s criticism of insecurity

The insecurity that haunts Bogotá and other cities in the country generates indignation and fear among many citizens. The actress Marcela Gallego made a harsh criticism of security in Bogotá from her Twitter account, as a result of the different cases of recently known robberies.

“All these robberies, sometimes with the murder of the victim included, are becoming a landscape. It seems that the authorities are not interested in this improving. It’s psychopathic to passively watch this happen to the citizens who vote for them and whose taxes they live on. Horror! ”, Posted the actress on Twitter, along with the video in which she observes some alleged thieves robbing a bus.

Gallego has been aware of many reports about criminal acts in the city, in which he has expressed his indignation at the way criminal groups operate against citizens. “Of course, the gangs do organize themselves; The authorities don’t.” the actress wrote on social networks

Another case that outraged Marcela Gallego was that of an alleged thief who hit his victim with a brick, an event that occurred in the Carlos Albán neighborhood, in the town of Bosa, in the capital of the Republic. “This is not important? Do we have to get used to it? Doesn’t it cause you a little bit of discomfort, at least?”; In addition, he tagged the mayor of Bogotá, Claudia López, in the Twitter post; to President Iván Duque, and to the account of the Bogotá Security Secretariat.

One of the cases reported by Gallego It happened on an intermunicipal bus that was moving along the North Highway in Bogotá.

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The disappointment that the actress Marcela Gallego took when trying to find a partner in a dating ‘app’

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