The famous astrologer who predicted Petro’s triumph speaks of Shakira and Piqué; this says about what happened

Daniel Daza, the astrologer from Tolima who became famous for predictions such as Rodolfo Hernández and Gustavo Petro reaching the second presidential round and ultimately the left-wing leader would be the winner, or the date of death of the Mexican idol Vicente Fernández; He set his sights on a new star, Shakira, and spoke about what is to come for this artist after her separation from Gerard Piqué.

In dialogue with SEMANA, Daza assured that what is happening to the barranquillera is part of the renewal cycle that her life faces every 12 years and that these changes will help his career continue to grow, despite the family, legal and sentimental adversities that he has been suffering.

“Usually there is a planet called Jupiter, which governs the 12-year cycles, that is, every 12 years Shakira has a fundamental change that generates growth, expansion, opportunity, progress, reaching the top, success, as high as she wants to go, and see that the biggest changes she has had are every 12 years, 12 years ago she ends up with her ex-husband, 12 years ago she starts with Piqué, 12 years later she ends up with Piqué and look at that it serves to return to the hall of fame, because precisely that planet we are talking about, which is Jupiter, rules fame and popularity”, he explained.

This connoisseur of the astral chart indicated during the interview that although everyone in the world is seeing Shakira’s separation as an infidelity, apparently she knew about the adventures of Piqué and he had accepted them, because from the beginning he knew of the free nature that characterized the Spanish soccer player.

“They had been like this for many years, approximately three and a half years, and precisely when the black moon passes through Shakira’s marriage house, they have to divorce. Actually it is a relationship in which there was, let’s not say infidelities because Shakira accepted the terms and conditions, but there comes a time when her Capricorn ascendant makes her explode and she does not want anything else, because her children are already growing up and she does not want that they are in that environment”, interpreted Daza.

Regarding Gerard Piqué’s new partner, he stated: “Let’s just say that between now and January 2023, I’m most likely not with that girl anymore.” Whether or not someone else will come to the Colombian singer’s life, she said: “For now, no one suits her in emotional matters, she will have to find someone, in matters of a couple relationship, and she will also have to be a person, since be a businesswoman or a person who has very good money or social position”.

What will come professionally for Shakira?

In her talk with SEMANA, she assured that these times of adversity will serve this artist to turn her career around and explore facets that she would not have taken into account before. Likewise, he pointed out that part of his tusa will be spent between tours, for which he predicted many successes from now on.

“We will have to see Shakira on issues that have to do with some cinema, cinema proposals, it is something that she has never experienced, but she will have to do it because she has to expand in another way. and clearly he will have to go back again with his tours, in which he will clearly do very well“, said.

“In fact, even in judicial matters, in matters that have to do with money and winning all these types of lawsuits, she will come out very well from next year (…) From next year, although they will not to fix themselves completely, they will improve. By 2024, she already has a very good astrological chart in which she should not have any problems, problems or inconveniences”, she said.

Regarding his children, although he did not give clear predictions about whether he will stay with them or not, Daniel Daza assured that a 2023 full of court visits awaits him to define this issue, although in the end he will succeed, according to what is appreciated in the messages of the stars.

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The famous astrologer who predicted Petro’s triumph speaks of Shakira and Piqué; this says about what happened

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