The gesture of Tini Stoessel with Rodrigo De Paul, after his doubtful answer about his sentimental situation

Tini and Rodrigo De Paul, on one of their returns to Buenos Aires (RS Photos)

It is one of the couples of the moment and all eyes are on them. Encounters in Argentina, in Spain, trips, blended families, everything seems to be progressing in record time, which is why he drew attention when, after win a Gardel award for best song, Tini Stoessel He talked about his relationship with Rodrigo De Paul Y She expressed some doubts when asked if she was in love, and avoiding the query.

“We see you very well. Are you in love?” he asked. Lizardo Ponce without a filter, prior to the award ceremony that took place at the Movistar Arena, perhaps with the confidence that being friends with the ex gives him Violetta. However, she did not reply. “What word”, he said and continued before the unexpected question: “I am very well, very happy, enjoying myself. I love Rodrigo with all my heart.”. The truth is that, after this statement by the singer, the repercussions were not long in coming, and there were not a few who were surprised.

Hours later, the interpreter of “Lie to Me” He published a meaningful post in which he was happy for the recognition he received. “Gardel Awards, what a beautiful night I will carry in my heart forever. Thanks to all the people for having voted and for the unconditional love always. Thanks to all my team for always being there and accompanying me every step of the way. David Lebón, a dream to share that song and moment with you, thank you. María Becerra I love you, I admire you, and sharing this award together makes me so happy that you have no idea. Thank you for everything I love you”. Attentive to the achievements of his girlfriend, the Atlético Madrid player told him: “SHINE, congratulations my love”next to an emoji of two intertwined hearts.

De Paul's comment after the stir that was generated by Tini's response
De Paul’s comment after the stir that was generated by Tini’s response

Perhaps encouraged by all the commotion that was generated around her dubious response, and seeing her partner’s loving comment, Tini wanted to clear up doubts about her feelings towards the athlete and replied: “Thanks my life. I love you”. In this way, he put an end to speculation about an alleged crisis between them.

Tini's response to De Paul, clearing up doubts about her feelings towards him
Tini’s response to De Paul, clearing up doubts about her feelings towards him

Meanwhile, while the artist is in Buenos Aires with her family and to fulfill work commitments, the footballer was reunited in Madrid with his ex Camila Homs. The parents of Baptist Y Francesca They met again for a very special reason. The time shared by the minors with their father is over and they must return to their mother, as indicated in the agreement they signed. There were fifteen days in which the boys were in charge of her father, so the model took the opportunity to spend a vacation in Ibiza with her new partner, Carlos Benvenutowhere they were super entrenched and in love.

These trips and reunions will take place several times a year as agreed in their divorce agreement. Camila will be in charge of moving with the boys so that the father can see them a few weeks a year. “I’m not going to talk about it, but everything is alright”, Camila had said in Ezeiza before leaving, regarding how her relationship with De Paul is today. “I always have to do my part. I already did it last time, when I traveled, too. And it seems normal to me: we are separated, but he is the father of the children and it is up to him to see them”he added.


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The gesture of Tini Stoessel with Rodrigo De Paul, after his doubtful answer about his sentimental situation

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