The hard encounter between Laura Bozzo, Natalia Alcocer and Ivonne Montero that ended in medical assistance

Laura Bozzo attacked Ivonne Montero and Natalia Alcocer in La Casa de los Famosos 2 (Photo: Telemundo)

The House of Celebrities 2 suffered one of its most tense moments of the season by finding Laura Bozzo at a bad time, who did not hesitate to lash out with shouts and strong words against her companions.

The lawsuit started when Laura Bozzo decided to run Natalia Alcocer from the room in which they stay; and he told his companions to decide between one or the other; the situation, of course, caused discomfort among all those present.

Natalia, for her part, did not remain silent and decided that she would leave the room immediately so as not to put her companions in a situation where they had to choose.

His subsequent words, however, were not adequate to the calling Laura Bozzo an “old lady”which caused the explosion of spirits of the famous Peruvian television host who had so many successes in Mexico.

“You are not going to call me an old lady because you are discriminating against me (…) Old your mother,” he said between shouts, and then he told her strong words and insults.

Photo: Instagram/@nataliaalcoceroficial
Photo: Instagram/@nataliaalcoceroficial

Among the words he threw, he said that “she has not stolen anyone’s husband”, so Ivonne Montero tried to intercede to stop the anger, without imagining that he would find shouts from Laura.

“Stop seeing me like that with that face,” he said, finding an Ivonne Montero turned on. “You’re not going to talk to me like that because I haven’t talked to you for even five minutes“, answered.

“You know who voted against Potro and you come to play the victim. Now it turns out that no one voted against Potro”, reacted Laura Bozzo.

“Relax a lot, woman. If you want to stay in this house you have to relax”, said Ivonne Montero; However, the Peruvian assured that if she wants, she leaves at that precise moment, because unlike her, he doesn’t need to be in the house for fame.

Ig: @ivonnemonteroof
Ig: @ivonnemonteroof

“You have been warning us for weeks. For weeks you have been warning us, do it now, “returned the Mexican actress, with a view to removing her opponent from the project immediately, but he only met with a criticism of his way of life.

And you decide on a man because the example you are giving your daughter is horrible. From bed to bed, “Laura Bozzo told her, and then Natalia Alcocer interceded again,” this is not correct, you are talking about women who are mothers, “she concluded.

Although it was thought that Laura would leave the house after a drop in blood pressure due to the fight, through social networks they confirmed that only Paramedics arrived to treat and stabilize her.

However, in the confessional, Natalia assured that she would attack Laura Bozzo in order to eliminate her according to the regulations. This is how she let off steam with Ivonne Montero, Toni and Niurka.

They all told her that she should not leave because she exceeded the permitted limits, and argued that after so many disrespects, since several would unite against her, they could make Laura leave immediately.

Laura Bozzo is ready for reality (Photo: Instagram/@laurabozzo_of)
Laura Bozzo is ready for reality (Photo: Instagram/@laurabozzo_of)

On the other hand, it was reported that the Peruvian driver suffered the loss of a dental piece inside The House of the Famous 2, the TV presenter sat down to eat and while she was talking, something fell out of her mouthso he immediately picked it up, threw it under the table and tried to complete the sentence he was saying.

However, both her companions and she soon realized that the small object was not a piece of food and between laughs they confirmed that it was one of his teethalthough she continued to argue that it was part of the pasta that was on the plate.

“What tooth, asshole*? It was a piece of noodle…”mentioned the driver of Laura in America to the companions who were mocking.


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The hard encounter between Laura Bozzo, Natalia Alcocer and Ivonne Montero that ended in medical assistance

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