The hidden motive that accelerated the separation of Piqué and Shakira beyond the alleged infidelities

The couple ended their relationship after 12 years

The separation of Shakira Y Pique caused an international stir in the fans of the artist and supporters of the Barcelona. It is that the relationship that had begun with the waka waka in the World Cup in South Africa in 2010 came to an end after a relationship 12 years. Although so far the details of what caused the singer’s love break with the footballer are unknown, the rumor that has gained the most strength in recent times is based on an alleged infidelity of the defender of the Blaugrana.

However, in the last few hours a person close to the Colombian singer revealed that there was another hidden motive in addition to sentimental betrayal. Is that Robert Garciaformer partner of the sister of Shakira call Lucillagave an interview to the newspaper EsDiario in which he revealed that money was another cause that contributed to the conflictive outcome of the relationship. According to his words, the Catalan center would have asked the singer-songwriter for a millionaire sum, which the family refused to deliver.

“Supposedly, Pique I would have asked for money Shakira for an investment theme and the singer’s family has refused to give it to him. They do not mix their money, and take the family economy to 50%, “he revealed. Garcia and remarked that the amounts requested by the soccer player would have been destined for real estate investments and the construction of a complex.

Shakira’s ex-brother-in-law stressed that the singer from Barranquilla He had planned to invest his fortune in the Bahamas and Colombia, another of the player’s disagreements that generated constant discussions. It should be noted that Roberto García ended her relationship with Lucila in a bad way, since he accused her of abandoning her at a difficult time in her life: “I have had a very bad time. I even had to sleep in the car. My ex-wife ruined me and disappeared. I have it all documented. Now I live in a one bedroom studio that I pay for 300 euros. I am going through needs and I am only clear that this family has done me a lot of harm. In total I have lost about 500,000 euros”.

In the interview, he was also in charge of clarifying that all the economic decisions he makes Shakira must be approved by their father, William Mebarak Chadidwho allegedly had a notorious influence on his own breakup.

Meanwhile, the artist has stayed away from public exposure and has rarely been captured outside her mansion in Barcelona. The activities that she has carried out after her divorce would show that her children and sports have been of great help in her difficult days.

It should be noted that her children are on school vacation and one of the plans was to take a trip with them to Miami to get away from the controversy. However, according to the Spanish portal Informalia, Gerard Piqué He prevented the Colombian from taking the minors out of the country, for fear that they would not return.

The striking thing was that last weekend the children traveled with him to London, where they were watching the training of Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon. On his return to Catalonia, Shakira decided to travel to Santander with the minors to practice surfing. And so far she and her children are in Cantabria.


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The hidden motive that accelerated the separation of Piqué and Shakira beyond the alleged infidelities

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