‘The Island of Temptations 4’: Zoe gets involved with her boyfriend Josué’s fooling around with the tempting hybrid of Rihanna and Angelia Jolie (or so she says)

The antlers, the polar cold and the vertiginous rise of the light are aspects that do not rest in our country. The repeaters of ‘The Last Temptation’ have put an end to their hackneyed stories of golfeo and heartbreak to give way to the new generations of tripids to which Telecinco pays vacations in exchange for jets of sauce in industrial quantities in this fourth edition of ‘The Island of Temptations’. Alejandro Nieto and Tania, Gal-la and Nico, Josué and Zoe, Darío and Sandra and Álvaro and Rosario disembark this opening night on the island of the Dominican Republic where the only gulfs are not the geographical accidents, but also the contestants who crash their relationships by falling into temptation.

Already in the promos one of them has stood out pointing out ways as an official chicken producer (I laugh at the KFC staff) at the bonfires, Zoe. This mix of Oriana Marzoli and regulation contestant of ‘Fame, let’s dance!’ (who almost all had those hairs) I was already jealous of Josué as soon as he got on the plane heading to ‘La Isla de las Fornicaciones’, for looking at the stewardess a lot or you know why. In this preview, it is seen how, even, he is capable of elaborating an escape plan that not even the Professor of ‘La Casa de Papel’ to be able to sneak into the projection of adult cinema Sandra Barneda shows the boys in order to see her churri Josué, which looks like a Smurf ice cream cone.

First schism between Joshua and Zoe

First big fight between Josué and Zoe in ‘The Island of Temptations 4’

The tension has taken hold of the vice verses of the edition. The lovebirds had their first pifostio during the solemn ceremony of pathos in which tempting men and women are presented reciting the biographies of their profiles and Tinder that they have learned by heart. Zoe, who has broadcast everything that happened as if she were at home tweeting with the hashtag # LaIslaDeLasTentaciones1, could not help feeling anger when she saw that Josué and his favorite bachelorette, influence her Diriany, they have made a match with just one eye contact Quick.

The torrid past in common of Alejandro Albalá and Zoe from 'The Island of Temptations 4': the man who made Josué the most jealous

The exchange of necklaces It is already a classic for puritans and staunch fans of ‘La Isla de las Pasiones’. The single and single whose job is to ruin the lives of couples (more or less the same as that of marriage) they must choose which boys and girls of the pairs they like the most to give the roasted cod, pass ice creams with their mouths at the party and exercise everything kind of antics that are done in the Dominican Republic on broadcast for Telecinco.

Diriany, the temptress in question

Diriany, the temptress in question

Zoe has not been bothered that her boyfriend has been the MVP, the top scorer, the favorite, among the single women. His former clerk in ‘Mujeres y Hombres y Viceversa’ has exploded with rage when he saw how Diriany, the single woman who has defined herself as “a mix between Rihanna and Angelina Jolie” and has already released the bunch of followers she has on Instagram (the girl is very humble), put the necklace to Josué asking him out on a date.

Zoe breaks the rules for the first time

Zoe mounts the first (of many) of her schisms to Josué -'La Isla de las Tentaciones 4', Telecinco

Zoe mounts the first (of many) of her schisms to Josué – ‘La Isla de las Tentaciones 4’, Telecinco

The curls were immediately lifted with a “thank you, but no” (great song by Shakira and Alejandro Sanz post-La Tortura). “I think it’s great that they chose you for all the necklaces, but not this one. I don’t feel like dating rude girls”, has released Zoe ripping off the necklace of ‘Lilo and Stich’ to her boyfriend as if she were getting rid of the last good panties of the flea market with a quarrelsome shopper.

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Her boyfriend, delighted with life for being the reason for a catfight, has asked Zoe please to return Diriany’s necklace, that being a hybrid between Angelina Jolie and Rihanna, surely a pasture is taken out by selling it in Wallapop. Josué has pretended to be his girl’s pediatrician, trying to explain the situation to her as if her IQ was in negative digits:

“I want the necklace back. If we are here it is, in part, because of your distrust, because of your jealousy, because it always has to be whatever you want. You could have come to kiss me instead of taking my necklace off. I’m not going to do what you want here “, the man from Malaga has settled by denying his churri one last snogging and giving him to understand that, indeed, his first date was going to be with the secret daughter of the singer of ‘Umbrella’ as a result of his affair with Brad Pitt’s ex-wife.

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Zoe has been hanging her ears aware that her outburst is going to cost her over the weeks in Cuerneo Villa. The exviceversa has been broken in a sea of ​​tears in one of the totals: “I have not seen my boyfriend with all the security in the world that he loves me, that he is full of me, I have seen him very passively. No, I’m fine”, has assured without being able to stop acting as the official drama queen of the program.

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‘The Island of Temptations 4’: Zoe gets involved with her boyfriend Josué’s fooling around with the tempting hybrid of Rihanna and Angelia Jolie (or so she says)