“The Kardashians” 1×07: Kris pressures Kendall Jenner to get pregnant | REVIEW

That double role of mother and manager falls to Kris Jenner’s hair. The matriarch of the Kardashian clan ‘steals the show’ in the seventh episode of “”, reality that transmits Hulu in the United States and Star + in Latin America.

Approaching the middle of this first season (estimated at 20 chapters), things seem more settled for the protagonists of this story. Next, we will share the most striking of an episode in which finally Scott Disick, the great protagonist in everything so far in the series—does not appear and gives way to the others.

While prepare for the photo session that will serve to announce their jump from E! Until Hulu, the mother of both dedicates several minutes to explain before cameras her double role in this program. “I must wear two hats. Agent and mother, but I enjoy the latter more, ”she refers. Indeed, for much of the seventh episode she is seen interacting with all of her daughters. From talking with Kim before the latter gets ready to look for a new single look, she to accompanying Kylie – who this time does have several minutes on screen – to shop at the supermarket.

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Without going through financial problems for many years, Kylie, but especially her mother Kris, have people who buy them even a bottle of water. On this occasion, in a moment that seems the most surreal despite being the most real (and natural) of the series, both enjoy choosing what things to pick up from the stores of a supermarket in Malibu.

“I stopped doing this because people would come up to us to take photos and then paparazzi would quickly arrive,” says the matriarch, who can’t help but smile when she notices how she fails even when swiping her credit card before the surprised cashier on duty. Minutes later, Kris generously declines when a store worker offers to “carry your shopping carts” out to the car. All together with her (very) pregnant daughter Kylie.

In the final part of this mother-daughter journey, both choose to go to a car wash with the particularity that both can stay inside the vehicle (a modern dark gray Jeep Mercedes, owned by the young socialite) while giant brushes They wash, rinse and dry the four-wheel drive. “It’s amazing,” they both say.

Travis and Kourtney

The other drama that is very present so far this season, and that was no exception this time, is that of the search for fatherhood by the couple that make up Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker. The first attempt, with a famous doctor and thousands of dollars involved, did not work, apparently because the ovules of the eldest of the sisters are not in their best condition.

After not achieving their goal, the couple opts for an internal cleaning job called Panchakarma. “It is something that is 3,000 years old. It will eliminate all the toxins that are

They are found in the tissue of our bodies to have higher quality eggs, ”explains Kourtney with unusual patience before cameras. The procedure puts on pause the ardor shown by the couple since she started dating.

Indeed, this cleansing stage implies, in addition to giving up the exercises and various inappropriate foods such as coffee or alcohol, the impossibility of having sexual relations of any kind. Martha, the Ayurveda expert who advises the couple, says she absolutely “understands” the consequences of abstinence that the couple must have to achieve their goal of bringing a baby into the world. After the ‘cleansing’, both must go through the spa for several days.

Kim and her identity

Seeking to establish herself in her new bachelorhood, Kim Kardashian seeks first to decide for herself what style of dress she will wear from now on. As she had already told in the previous episodes, it was Kanye West who prepared suggestions for almost everything. Now she, with her friends of her always, seeks to define herself, wearing the clothes that she pleases. It is striking how the socialite boasts a very particular gift: she remembers each of the looks that she wore in all her public appearances.

Kim Kardashian in new episode of “The Kardashians” / Diffusion

But this new stage involves not only choosing clothes, but also -and fundamentally- choosing and designing their own contracts with million-dollar clothing brands. And as a good law student, the socialite is absolutely sure that from now on she will make the right decisions without Kanye’s shadow behind her. “I think for so long always depending on someone else made me forget that I also have an opinion.”

Three more things about the influencer in this episode. First, the alerts go off when they learn that Kanye West is preparing a topic in which he could speak negatively about her. “He is the father of your children, he shouldn’t do that,” his relatives agree around a table. Fear, however, is very present at one point in the chapter. Lastly, is there room for love in Kim’s head? Everything indicates that she is ready to start talking about Pete Davidson.

Finally, in what we can call a bomb that did not explode. The direction of Vogue in the United States had planned to do a cover with Kendall, however, seeing Kim’s circumstances and her new facet as a single woman – after the stormy end of her marriage to Kanye – they offer the cover to the latter. . Fearing Kris that this will hurt young Kendall, the lanky model ‘takes it with soda’. “There is no discomfort in any bone in my body,” she replies with a kindness that only she has.

The son who (yet) will not come

In the most interesting part of this episode, Kris leads a somewhat awkward dialogue with her daughter Kendall. The 26-year-old model – cover of the most prestigious magazines on the planet – never expected her mother to summon her to have children right now with the excuse that fewer eggs are produced over the years. “I was thinking, maybe it’s time for you to have a baby,” Kris says, causing her daughter to choke on the tea she’s been drinking. “Guess something, mom, it’s my life!” Reacts the model.

“I have a lot to think about before I can welcome a child into my life. I still enjoy life on my own”, he adds as if supporting his position. Everything indicates that, at least for now and with Devin Booker as a boyfriend, the model born in Los Angeles does not want to be a mother.

The Kardashians 1×07 Kris pressures Kendall Jenner to get pregnant

“The Kardashians”/Star Plus

Synopsis: The family you know and love is here with a new series, providing an all-access pass into their lives. Kris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, Kendall and Kylie bring the cameras to reveal the truth behind the headlines. From the intense pressures of running multi-billion dollar businesses to the hilarious joys of playtime and leaving school, this series draws viewers in with a compellingly honest story of love and life in the spotlight.

Original title: “The Kardashians”

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“The Kardashians” 1×07: Kris pressures Kendall Jenner to get pregnant | REVIEW

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