The love disagreements of Monaco: from the separation of Charlene and Alberto to those of their sisters

    The size of the Principality of Monaco is inversely proportional to the fame of its royal family. Prince Rainier’s wedding to a Hollywood star, Grace Kelly; the weddings and separations of the most beautiful, Carolina de Monaco; Estefania’s impossible love affairs with bodyguards and circus stars… The lives of its members have always grabbed all the headlines and, after a year of strange absences and confusing communications, the unconfirmed separation of Charlene and Alberto de Monaco seems to be the penultimate chapter that confirms the love curse that persecutes the Grimaldi.

    The separation of Charlene and Albert of Monaco

    From the very day of their wedding, in which Charlene could barely crack a smile and her gloomy face was portrayed on the verge of tears for practically the whole day, the shadow of separation has haunted this couple. Alberto de Monaco, the eternal bachelor of the European monarchies, finally married a South African swimmer on July 1, 2011.

    The pressure to give an heir to the Monegasque throne persecuted him, although he already had two children out of wedlock: Jazmin Grace, born from his relationship with the waitress Tamara Rotolo, and Alexandre, son of former stewardess Nicole Coste. Three years after their wedding, Charlene and Alberto welcomed their children twins, Jacques and Gabrielabut his arrival did not put an end to the rumors of the eternal estrangement between his parents.

    Something that worsened in the spring of 2021, when Charlene traveled alone to South Africa and contracted a disease which made him go through the operating room several times. The punctual visits of Alberto de Monaco with his children to the princess, who remained there until April of this year, and the statements from the Palace that said he needed a period of calm and rest only contributed to generating more mystery about his absence.

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    Now, various French media, including Voicereveal that the couple would have signed a very secret separation agreement by which Charlene agrees to continue representing the Principality in official acts, gives up custody of her children (although you can see them whenever you want) and will live in Switzerland in exchange for 12 million euros a year.

    As is usual in these cases, the word separation or divorce does not appear anywhere and they have used euphemisms to speak of “independent life with regularized presence”, according to these media. An unusual formula that will allow Charlene to continue to have an official presence but will also allow her to lead a private life away from Monaco, that place that has always suffocated the South African’s smile.

    Carolina of Monaco and her breaks with Philippe Junot and Ernest of Hannover

    Grace Kelly’s beautiful firstborn was the first to give her parents headaches with her inconvenient love affairs. His youth in Paris while studying Philosophy was the perfect setting to meet Philippe Junot, a playboy almost twice his age (they are 17 years apart).

    Grace and Rainier’s efforts to make this love story a passing thing were in vain. Carolina and Junot were married in a wedding in style in Monaco when the princess was only 21 years old. Carolina needed only two years to get tired of Junot’s infidelities and agree with her parents by divorcing him. That August 1980 the Parisian newspaper Le Quotidien de Paris titled the news with a the whim is over while Philippe was in Turkey with his last love and Carolina in her home in Monaco after a night out.

    Caroline of Monaco and Philipe Junot on their wedding day in 1978.

    Michel GINFRAYGetty Images

    Shortly after, Carolina found love again with Stefano Casiraghi, but misfortune came back to haunt her and her loving peace was short-lived. Both formed the perfect family, with the arrival of Andrea, Carlota and Pierre. But their marriage only lasted seven years, as the Italian lost his life in a boating accident while participating in the off-shore world championship.

    carolina de monaco love curse

    Carolina and Stefano pose with Andrea and Carlota in 1987.

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    Carolina de Monaco was widowed in her early 30s and retired to French Provence to raise her three children and recover from this severe blow. The French actor Vincent Lindon was the cloth of her tears but the one who would take her to the altar again was Ernest of Hannover, a lifelong friend of hers. With him she became Royal Highness and Princess of Hanover and had her youngest daughter, Alexandra.

    But his alcohol problems and his continuous fights ended up tiring Carolina, who separated from him in 2009 but they have never divorced, Carolina keeping all her privileges as princess of Hannover.

    Estefania de Monaco and her love stories with bodyguards and acrobats

    That Stephanie of Monaco was nicknamed the rebel princess from her earliest youth seemed more than justified. The Grimaldi’s little girl was always the great concern of her parents. It is easy to establish a before and after in his life: the tragic death of his mother, Grace Kelly. Both were traveling together in a car when they suffered the fatal accident which cost the princess her life.

    The event was always surrounded by unknowns and Estefanía had to bear the accusations that suggested that she was the one behind the wheel. So her youth became a curvy career in search of happiness and approval. She designer, singer and model were some of the professions that she tried, while she was related to actors like Paul Belmondo, Anthony Delon or Rob Lowe.

    But it was his relationship with one of his bodyguards, Daniel Ducruet, which made rivers of ink run. Bodyguard of his brother Alberto, his love was the great scandal of the Grimaldi in the 90s. Rainier withdrew his daughter’s assignment and removed her from official acts. But Estefania pushed forward: she had two children with him (Louis and Pauline) and in 1995 she got her father’s consent to marry him. It was a discreet wedding, with Estefanía dressed in white and Carolina absent.

    world music awards in monaco

    The couple pose upon arrival at a party in Monaco in 1996.

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    Although happiness was dynamited in just one year. Compromising photos of Ducruet having sex with a Belgian by a swimming pool were published in major European magazines. Estefania was the great disappointment of her life, and shortly after the marriage was terminated. Two years later, Estefanía became a mother again. Her daughter Camila was the fruit of her relationship with Jean Raymond Gottlieb, and a bodyguard once again occupied Estefania’s heart.

    Shortly after, the circus, which her father had taught her to love, became Estefanía’s salvation and that place of dreams and magic in which she decided to raise her three children.. First it was his relationship with Franco Knie that led him to live in a caravan and embrace the nomadic life. Later, she ended up marrying the Portuguese acrobat Adans Lopez. A year later the relationship came to an end.

    Carlota Casiraghi: her love story with Gad Elmaleh

    If the new generation of royals Monegasques will have more luck in love remains to be seen. Even so, Carlota already knows what it is to suffer a separation after sharing her life and a son with the comic actor Gad Elmaleh. His love story was for a long time compared to his mother’s with Junot.

    Gad was 15 years older than her when they began their romance in 2013. He, a French comedian of Moroccan descent, was warmly received by the Grimaldi (perhaps accustomed to the fact that their members’ couples never adhered to the ‘norm’), and only a few months later it was learned that, before the wedding, both they would welcome their first child.

    curse monaco loves

    Carlota Casiraghi and Gad Elmaleh during a horse competition in Saint-Tropez.

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    Carlota’s happiness did not last long. Elmaleh wanted to work in the United States and Carlota wanted to live in Europe and raise her child near Monaco. So the two parted ways. Carlota, heir to the beauty and charm of Grace and Carolina, found in a family friend, Dimitri Rassam, son of Carole Bouquet (a great friend of Carolina), the new love of her life.

    In 2018 they welcomed their son Balthazar and in 2019 they married in a dream wedding in which Carlota was inspired by her mother’s bridal looks and wore jewelry from her grandmother, Grace Kelly.

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The love disagreements of Monaco: from the separation of Charlene and Alberto to those of their sisters

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