The musical Billy Elliot arrives in Barcelona with luminaries from Chauvet Professional

The lighting designer Carlos Torrijos explains his experience with the equipment of Chauvet Professional in the musical Billy Elliot, produced and presented by SOM Produce in Madrid and now in Barcelona.

Carlos Torrijos placeholder image started his professional career with his own rental company – The Light Factory– more than thirty years ago. Later he went on to work as a musical coordinator in companies in the sector and, in recent years, his career has drifted towards lighting design.

With Juan Gomez-Cornejo, Torrijos is the lighting designer of Billy Elliot, el Musical, whose material is supplied by the audiovisual company Project Art for the assembly of Barcelona.

Although a little over a year ago the project produced and presented by SOM Produce From Madrid to the Catalan capital, the interruptions due to the pandemic prevented the musical from being performed until now.

Billy Elliot Carlos Torrijos Chauvet

Although the technical part has been similar both in the Alcala theater of Madrid as in the Victoria in Barcelona, ​​despite the complexity of the project, one of the challenges has been the difference in size between the two theaters, since the sets had to be cut, heights had to be lowered and all the equipment had to be adapted.

As far as the lighting environment is concerned, the main change has been the passing of dand conventional LED light, which has required a change in approach to design and adaptation.

Among the advantages of this transition to Led, Torrijos points out that, although he loves the color temperature of conventional luminaires, when Proyect Arte lent him the cutouts E-910-FC from Chauvet Professional To test them in his studio, he was pleasantly surprised, so 52 units were purchased which were mostly for the musical.

“Billy is a show more about color temperature than color itself,” says Carlos Torrijos. For this reason, the CTC parameter stands out as color temperature Chauvet Professional, from 2,800 to 6,500, and which allows very agile temperature changes. The use of lime color has seemed like a success for the musical, as well as the regulation from 0 to 100 progressive and without jumps of the unit of this manufacturer.

During the rehearsals and programming they had to vary intensities to achieve the desired effect, but the configuration has been very fast and intuitive. In addition, Torrijos highlights that the maintenance and operation of the Led compared to the conventional one is much more agile, along with the advantage of making all the changes remotely, without having to lower the luminaire each time, which has meant a significant saving of time and handling faults.

Although this lighting designer had known the teams of the series Maverick and Ovation from the manufacturer, highlights how silent these luminaires are compared to some moving heads, something essential when representing a work.

Specifically, Torrijos uses many moving heads with blades in musicals and considers the hybrid Wash, Beam and Spot systems a great success, since they allow him to have all the possible functions and more space in the stage positions.

In parallel, this lighting designer has organized, as director and producer, the Umbra lighting festival de Vitoria, which celebrates its second edition after the pandemic from today until November 14.

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The musical Billy Elliot arrives in Barcelona with luminaries from Chauvet Professional