The mystery of the ‘new face’ of Charlene de Monaco

After several months without hearing from her, a few weeks ago, the princess Charlene reappeared in Monaco. A shocking return full of controversy, not only because of all the speculation that has occurred around the situation of the marriage between the sovereign and the former swimmer, but also because of the princess physical changewhich has been accentuated in recent times.

The Charlene’s current image It has little to do with the appearance that the former athlete presented when she met the prince albert. Beyond the complications derived from the infection in the upper tract for which he had to stay longer than expected in South Africa and which caused him to undergo several interventions, the shadow of a possible aesthetic operation has always been present. Alberto himself denied that his wife had undergone any surgery for issues that had nothing to do with health, but the truth is that, if we look at the last images of Charlene before going to South Africa and the most recent ones, the change is indisputable.

Charlene from Monaco before her departure to South Africa. / Gtres

This digital has been able to talk to the Dr. Beatriz Estebanezexpert in aesthetic medicine of the Minorca Clinic, who has analyzed the transformation of the Princess and has commented on the possible touch-ups to which she has undergone: “Charlene has a bruise on her cheekbone that could be the consequence of a facelift or indicated tensor threads, among other things , for sagging cheeks”, says the expert. This type of treatment is one of the most effective for rejuvenating the face without surgery with very natural results. It is a painless, minimally invasive procedure and you can immediately return to normal life. If it is a lifting, the specialist explains that “The new techniques are less and less invasive but require a recovery period of between seven and ten days. The resulting scar is perfectly concealed in the hairline. The results are natural and harmonious, without changing the expression and last about a decade, unlike thread lifts, which have a shorter duration.”

Charlene de Monaco at the Formula 1 Grand Prix of the Principality / Gtres
Charlene de Monaco in one of her last appearances. / Gtres

The doctor emphasizes that Prince Albert’s wife can boast of a very beautiful skin: “She has fine skin and it looks well cared for and without a trace of wrinkles.” Something that can be the result of different treatments: “The absence of wrinkles in the upper third is thanks to the botulinum toxin that opens the eyes, highlights the eyes and blurs expression wrinkles. It is the most demanded treatment, the king of aesthetic medicine.”

Charlene de Monaco / Gtres
Charlene from Monaco in South Africa. / Gtres

charlene also, she has very light skin: “The trick to that freshness, in addition to good nutrition and physical exercise, is cell therapy with growth factors from the patient’s own blood that helps the formation of collagen and elastin, activates vascularization, cellular drainage and eliminates toxins”, assures the expert. The Princess’s lips deserve special attention: “They are perfectly outlined and very hydrated, the volume that is lost with age could have been retouched. In expert hands and with a good quality hyaluronic acid and specific for the lips, they do not become inflamed and the original shape of the patient’s mouth is maintained. These fillers are biodegradable, reabsorbable (when they degrade they leave no trace in the tissue), they do not cause sensitivity or allergies and integrate perfectly into the tissue. In addition, they rehydrate, redensify and nourish the lips.”

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The mystery of the ‘new face’ of Charlene de Monaco

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