“The Piqué macro report”: the ace up Shakira’s sleeve that makes the footballer tremble in the midst of the bid for divorce

Piqué and Shakira, in happy times. The relationship lasted 12 years

The separation of Pique Y Shakira after 12 years of relationship and with two children in between (Milan and Sasha, 9 and 7 years old) continues adding chapters. It is that, after the confirmation of the breakup through a statement released by the singer’s environment, and the leaking of the alleged infidelities by the footballer, today the bid was transferred to the Courts. Is that the celebrities have already put the division of assets and the custody of children in the hands of lawyers. In Spain they say that the artist hired the studio of Pilar Mane, renowned professional from Barcelona. And that the central marker was advised with the Drummer Law Firmwho worked on the divorce of tennis player Arantxa Sánchez Vicario.

From the numbers, the agreement seems to be close: in Europe they underline that they took the couple paying the costs “50%”. The two amassed a great fortune based on the success of their activities. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Shakira would accumulate more than 300 million dollarsfrom what was produced in his musical career and by advertisements. Piqué’s income is large, although lower. His estate would exceed $80 million.based on what he perceived as a Barcelona player and the earnings of Kosmos, his company.

In the time they were together, they bought two properties. One, acquired in 2012, is located in Esplugues de Llobregat, and has a price of $4,800,000. Then, in 2015, they bought another property near the Camp Nou, the home of the culé team, valued at $5.3 million. That is the booty to share, according to Spanish specialists.

The assets they had before the love bond would be left out of the dispute. On the Piqué side, his “bachelor house”, which has three floors and is also worth about 5 million dollars. And Shakira, the mansion in Miami, which borders USD 14 million.

The issue is child custody. Although the singer has not yet made it public, her wish would be to move to her home in the United States.. In the middle, the situations that led to the breakup, which can play an important role in the definitions. The version that the artist would have hired detectives to check her assumptions of infidelity is widespread in Spain. And that material could be used as a pressure element if the arrangement dilates.

The place Informalia offers Shakira’s posture in the voiceover of members of her environment. “She is willing to do anything, even use and the reports he commissioned from Gerard. She was no stranger to her boy’s fondness for flirting, but she certainly never thought that he had been unfaithful to her since practically the year they met, “is one of her revelations. She “did it before the eyes of others and others. Of course, almost always on private sites, so that not even a photo could be published, ”added the same source.

Two weeks ago, the “tricks” to which Piqué appealed to develop his nightly outrages away from the paparazzi cameras came to light. the spanish program socialite He explained that the preferred redoubt for the soccer player is a bar called La Traviesa. There, always according to the show, his lover would work. One of the companions on her excursions would be Riqui Puighis teammate on the culé campus.

To distract prying eyes, for example, he would arrive by taxi, never in one of his cars. He entered through a side door, located on a little-traveled street. And the lady in question was doing it through the main entrance.

But also, inside, Piqué had a “reserved” room, surrounded by red curtains, to which only he defined who entered and who did not. It would be a modality that Gerard used in advance. the influencer Luciana Guschmer He stated that the defender used to participate in parties with models along with other soccer players, also with restricted access. And in them there was an unbreakable rule: there could be no mobile phones.

All this information has already seen the light. In fact, the inner circle of the Barcelona benchmark blames Shakira and her close ones for spreading the material to turn public opinion in her favor. What could that “Macro Piqué report” contain, as the aforementioned medium baptized it?

“It has all the adventures of him and some surprises that will not leave anyone indifferent. There are things that could do you a lot of harm, and not only in matters of a couple, or family”, they indicated to Informalia. “Piqué has found a bad enemy. And he knows it. He knows her better than anyone. And he has enough anger, grudge and resources to complicate his life ”completed the same voice on the file that can make Gerard tremble.


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“The Piqué macro report”: the ace up Shakira’s sleeve that makes the footballer tremble in the midst of the bid for divorce

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