“The Piqué macro-report”: the tool that Shakira could use to have custody of her children

Almost a month after the separation of Shakira and Piqué was confirmed, after 12 years together, he continues to talk about. After videos of the soccer player’s alleged infidelity were leaked and it became known that the singer wants to start a new life in the United States with her two children, Milan and Sasha, this July 3 it was announced that the separation was transferred to Courts .

In recent weeks the interpreter of the waka waka He took a vacation with his children to the Spanish beaches. It is rumored that the trip could be a preview of what the singer really wants to do, leave Spain and start a new life in Miami, Florida, with Milan and Sasha.

Nevertheless, The soccer player does not want to separate from the two children, so it was said that he would try to take his case to court to prevent his ex-partner from taking his children. According to the Infobae portal, this July 3 both the separation of assets and the custody of the two children is already in the hands of lawyers.

The international media details that Shakira hired Pilar Mañé’s studio, a renowned professional from Barcelona; while the FC Barcelona player was advised by the Tamborero law firm, which handled the divorce from the tennis player Arantxa Sánchez Vicario.

Regarding the separation of assets, only the properties that they bought together would enter into dispute. It is a house in Esplugues de Llobregat, valued at USD$4,800 thousand dollars; and another property near the Camp Nou, listed at USD$5.3 million.

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child custody

The issue that would give dispute between the two celebrities is the possession of the two children. Although the Colombian singer has not confirmed it, it is rumored that her wish is to leave Spain with the two little ones aged 9 and 7, but Piqué refuses to separate from them and alludes to the fact that her children were born in Barcelona and have been raised there .

Given this disagreement between the two, the situations that led to the rupture could be important in the decision made by the authorities. This reinforces the version that Shakira would have hired detectives to check the footballer’s infidelitymaterial that could be used if the custody arrangement for your children gets complicated.

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“She’s willing to do anything, including using the reports she commissioned from Gerard. She was no stranger to her boy’s fondness for flirting, but of course she never thought that he had been unfaithful to her since practically the year they met, “says one of the statements of two people close to the Colombian offered by the site Informal.

“I did it before the eyes of others and others. Of course, almost always on private sites, so that not even a photo could be published, ”added the same source.

Last week the alleged tricks that Piqué used to cheat on Shakira and continue his nightlife without being discovered by his then partner and the Spanish press came to light. According to the program socialitethe FC Barcelona footballer made several moves to escape to the bar The Naughtywhere the young blonde allegedly worked with whom he was unfaithful to the interpreter of Anthology.

“It has all the adventures of him and some surprises that will not leave anyone indifferent. There are things that could hurt him a lot, and not only in matters of a couple, or family, ”the sources told the site. Informal. “Piqué has made himself a bad enemy and he knows it. He knows her better than anyone. And she has enough anger, resentment and resources to complicate her life, “the same person completed on the file.

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“The Piqué macro-report”: the tool that Shakira could use to have custody of her children

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