The reason why Bad Bunny was scared to go to the Met Gala 2022

These last few weeks in the life of They have been full of emotions. She has just released her new album “A summer without you” and, a few days before, she attended the which was themed “Guilded Glamour”. However, the Puerto Rican singer confessed that he was a little scared of this latest event.

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The singer’s favorite musical genres are Latin trap and reggaeton. However, he has also experimented with rock, kizomba and soul. He has been nominated multiple times for the “Grammy” and “Latin Grammy” awards, and ended up taking home six gramophones.

In addition to music, he has decided to venture into acting. He has participated in the third season of the series “Narcos: Mexico” and soon we will see him on the big screen in Hollywood movies like “Bullet Train” and a new Marvel film.


In an interview for theBad Bunny decided to share that he was a little afraid to attend the event, because he did not know what it would be like to attend this glamorous event full of Hollywood stars.

The days before I said ‘what will those people do to me in there? ‘When I go in there will they shoot an organ from my body?’ ‘will they draw my blood?’”, declared the 28-year-old singer.

To his surprise, he realized that it was really nothing special, because the most important part was the red carpet where all the celebrities wore their outfits.

Basically it was walking on the carpet with your ‘outfit’, then inside there is a dinner and a cool musical show

When asked about the after party, the “Safaera” singer also had witty remarks.

Everyone is dressed up in suits that can’t even move, like a stream of guindaeros“, he claimed.


Despite all the nervousness he may have had at the beginning, at that moment the most important thing was to release his new album after two years of rest. For this reason, as soon as the event ended, he rushed out to finish some last details of his single.

I left the Met Gala dressed in the ‘outfit’ I had, with Mrs. Minga’s hairstyle, straight to the studio”, She commented referring to the curious way in which they had put her hair, which generated several memes on social networks comparing her to a mouse from “Zootopia”.

Their hard work and dedication paid off as the album broke records on Spotify, being the best debut of any album in Spanish in the entire history of the virtual platform.


Within the single there are songs that Benito Martinez, the reggaeton singer’s real name, performs alone, such as “After the Beach” and “I’m not jealous.”

However, there are also songs in which other well-known artists such as Rauw Alejandro, Jhay Cortez, The Marias, Bomba Estéreo, Checho Corleone, Tony Dize and Buscabulla participate.

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The reason why Bad Bunny was scared to go to the Met Gala 2022

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