The reason why Carolina Ramírez has not wanted to have children

She is one of those actresses who has managed to win the affection and respect of the public not only for her last leading role in “La Reina del Flow”, but for the simplicity that has characterized her throughout her two-decade career. Although everyone is aware of the productions that she integrates, such as “De brutas, nada”, many want to know more about her private life; For this reason, one of the questions that everyone asks is why she has not wanted to have children.

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A question that the also protagonist of “La Pola” and “La hija del mariachi” decided to answer, who has been married for more than 10 years to Mariano Bacaleinik, with whom she currently lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


During an interview, Carolina Ramírez revealed the reasons that have led her not to grow her familyand although he is grateful not to have children, if they do arrive, he considers that they would be a blessing.

“It didn’t happen at the time. Now I am very grateful that it did not happen. It is not the same world in which I grew up and you want the best for your children. You can’t just spit it out, if the kids come it will be wonderful, if not too. I have an amazing life and much to be thankful for. Whatever the universe wants, it’s welcome.”stated to .

However, she did make it known that she has a family of furry ones, since animals are his thing, because he has a cat and two dogs, for which he goes out of his way. Likewise, she pointed out that since they do not have children, she can do with her husband what they like the most: travel.

The actress is one of the favorites to win an award at the India Catalina Awards 2022 (Photo: Carolina Ramírez / Instagram)


Carolina Ramírez has been married since 2010 to Mariano Bacaleinik, who is her eldest for 14 years.. They began their romance in 2007, but at first it was at a distance, since he lived in Argentina and she in Colombia, where he recorded “La Pola”.

Three years later they got married. They are considered one of the strongest couples in the world of Colombian entertainment. Even to be close to her beloved, she moved to Argentina and currently lives in the gaucho country.


Carolina Ramírez Quintero was born on June 20, 1983 in the town of Cali, in Valle del Cauca (Colombia).. Her great dream since she was little was to become a great dancer, for this she studied at a dance school, performing in Cuba up to three times.

Thanks to the ballet, she met the director John Bolívar, who suggested that she appear in a casting for the telenovela “El Inútil”, and although she did not join the cast, she was seen favorably by other producers. One of her first jobs on television was in 2002 in the children’s program “Jack El Despertador”, the following year she was part of the cast of “Francisco, the mathematician”.

In 2004 he starred in the Caracol Television series, “Seventh Gate”. It was not until 2006 that she managed to consolidate her career as an actress thanks to her leading role in “La hija del mariachi”, in 2010 she was the main actress in “La Pola” and her career continued to rise with productions such as “Three miracles”, “El capo 2″, “Against time”, “The queen of Flow”, “De gross nada”, among others.

The couple has been married for more than a decade and they look very happy (Photo: Carolina Ramírez / Instagram)
The couple has been married for more than a decade and they look very happy (Photo: Carolina Ramírez / Instagram)


After the international success of , where she played Yeimy Montoya, Carolina Ramírez puts herself in the shoes of a new character: Amanda. The Colombian actress has embarked on a new project and for this she underwent a radical change of look.

Through her Instagram account, Carolina Ramírez surprised her followers by showing the new image she is wearing now. Behind her was the long brown hair of “The Queen of Flow”, because Amanda has dark hair and is shoulder-length. .

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The reason why Carolina Ramírez has not wanted to have children

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