The report cards for the new Italian singles to be released on Friday 12 November: Sangiovanni and Madame, Blanco, Noemi, Gazzelle …

Scoreboard new Italian singles to be released on Friday 12 November by Fabio Fiume.

The new report cards arrive juicy this week; juicy because many highly anticipated artists are releasing a new single and so there are several names that will battle on the radio starting today to conquer the highest positions in airplay.

Let’s get started right away …

Alessandra Amoroso – Useless song

Handwritten ( Cheops, Takagi & Ketra, Abbate e Rocco Hunt ) this song is ultimately something it is Loving in the most predictable sense of the term. Classic romantic ballad that pulls easy towards the tear of those who sing it and moves it away from that new, more cheerful and light-hearted image that has recently been given.

To be clear it is not that the piece is bad, but it is certainly not even a new miracle for his career, but something that moves slowly in the more than tested comfort zone. Without any surprise.
May be

Androman – Anchor me

Rock and electronic effects dribble in a fairly equal way and well arrive in support of a voice that, although not dirty enough, has such a personality to be able to walk these paths. It is useless to recall my battle over the accents that here too would inspire me more than a pull of the ears. Still interesting.
Be +

Lorena Bartoli – Inside me

So much class in the way of singing Lorraine a song about pregnancy, about all those emotions, perhaps fears, when a woman discovers that she brings a new life within herself. The distinction lies in the dynamics that are iridescent and manage to make a piece less predictable that otherwise would run the risk of being a manner ballad. Very personal, definitely not for the masses.
Be +

BLANCO – Until they bury me

He also rides the tempo ups with mastery White, among the most interesting realities of the moment. It is a question of writing and an escape from banality which, in his case, does not appear forced in the least. The synth bases are also nourished by instrumental incursions that make it possible to think of the disc even in the live version.

The only homologation, if we want to call it that, is here the short duration of the piece which could have had an easy evolution instead. It remains a very good track.
Set 1/2

Emancipo & Neves – One

In the global and often homologated world, uniqueness is celebrated here. The text has some interesting passages without however tripping over some cliché. Light and rhythmic arrangement, played with a wink to a pretty rose water world. However, the message arrives cheerful and positive and perhaps this is the best way to say certain things.
Let 1/2

Gazelles – Fucking song

Atmospheres that veer decisively towards rock for this fucking song that he puts his face into. In reality Gazelles he always put it there, choosing his own musical segment and becoming a style pioneer. And although his voice and nature make him appear the most convinced of the indies, in reality the artist was credible in every role shown up to now, even now, tight, dirty, rock, true.

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The Choice & Pan-Ic – The Silk Road

Many different influences converge in this piece which I admit made me think, by arrangement, of things like Mattafix, which had the ability to put together atmospheres and make them pleasant amalgam. The band led by Mattia Del Forno she maintains the prerogative of always being centered on each return, mistress and credible in what she does. And there is still no explanation why great opportunities do not come along with the good things achieved. Once again more than good.
Set +

Lost – With A Deca

Useless cover, arranged in a pompous way, with dance sounds overused too much of one of the songs of the 883 which is precisely the stamp of a past moment and not meant to be handed down to posterity. It is precisely a photograph, a snapshot of a 90’s period which, even as a matter of speech, is not applicable to the current world, to current generations. But then in the path of the Lost… what does it has to do with it? Boh.

Noemi – Look down

Surely Noemi has found in this year a new strength that also this third release confirms. He has the right interpretative framework for the songs he has chosen. There is also a cure, something that the artist probably felt was appropriate, right.

The dynamics and the Roman’s ability to play between strength and calmness are beautiful, taking spaces with an almost spoken voice between the melody that breaks it and makes it gain the ability to capture attention. Good Noemi.
Set +

Alessandro Proietti – Electroshock

Halfway between a rap intention that never blossoms, instead falling back on a very modern, current songwriting. In the case of Project the song follows a melody that even in the most spoken parts you sing (the stanzas) manages not to be lost by the listener. Everything is a bit emphasized in the studio and closed quite hastily, but all in all the song is complete and well structured.
May be

Sangiovanni & Madame – Lost in the dark

Life can change quickly and does not give you time to get used to it, to follow its movement; catapult you elsewhere and with other rhythms. This happened to both artists, who have become multi-platinum in the last year full of satisfactions. Were they emotionally ready too? Certainly they were friends before and here they sing the possibility of continuing to be there for each other, of remembering to call if you stay in the dark.

The result is fashionable from the point of view of the proposal itself, but comes sincere as a message of friendship and support. Loving yourself is certainly not a sin.

Sick Luke, Chiello & Madame – The witch of the orchard

Three artists together who embody what is most widespread among the new generations and who here manage to confirm themselves at a good level with an uptempo that is enthralling, cantabile and does not fall victim to the usual effects that often stifle voices and intentions. Pleasant bass line that holds the base and which is even unusual nowadays.

Turquoise – Foreign

From the light-hearted appearance but in the end instead with its own moral inside, that of trying to be light and appreciate even small things; also a love made up of small passages, atmospheres, a very banal desire to be together. The voice is very instinctive but suitable for this type of composition.
May be

Veniero – Michael Jordan

Veil of melancholy for a piece that navigates 80 sounds and draws attention to a character, Michael Jordan, not to celebrate his abilities but to take him as an example as someone to look up to with admiration. You have to swallow a lot of sand to think you are already in its wake. It is all quite figurative anyway and the thing all in all is good. It allows the artist to present himself with originality, revealing a world to tell that he may or may not like, but it is his.
Let 1/2

Mosquitoes – Arming

The song is not bad but I admit that it made me think a lot about Gabbani. It is the way of dealing with music that is very similar, a nice Gascon gigionery that will put the prank on you shortly thereafter. Not bad, yes, but be careful to find your own way.
Let =


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The report cards for the new Italian singles to be released on Friday 12 November: Sangiovanni and Madame, Blanco, Noemi, Gazzelle …