The response of Carmen Villalobos to the personal reflection of her husband Sebastián Caicedo

, who has starred in telenovelas such as “El Tesoro”, shared a photo on May 28 that he accompanied with a text in which he reflected on his personal growth. Given this, star of “” and wife of the actor, could not help but comment.

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The post was an image of him looking at the camera wearing a black t-shirt and bracelets to complete the look. However, the highlight was the description on Instagram.

“One day you will understand that everything is in you, in your attitude, in your way of thinking, feeling, speaking and that everything outside is a true reflection of what is inside, then you will change, you will stop paying attention to others. and you will begin to listen to your heart, you will understand that the only being that can change your life, is YOU”, the 40-year-old actor wrote.

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He also added that from that moment on, life “will become a constant miracle” and it will be full of “harmony, peace and acceptance”. He assured that this will be the formula to be able to be happy.


The protagonist of “Without breasts there is no paradise” saw the publication shared by her beloved husband Sebastián Caicedo and decided to respond to her reflection.

Your happiness (is) the most important”, the 38-year-old actress wrote.

Users saw the actress’s response and used the opportunity to express that they miss the photos in which they are seen together and ask about the status of their relationship, since rumors of a separation began to spread.

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Sebastián Caicedo and the actress began their romance in October 2008 and after 11 years of courtship they arrived at the altar in 2019 (Photo: Carmen Villalobos / Instagram)


Recently, Carmen clarified that their relationship was stronger than ever. Faced with questions from the press for not sharing photos together, she replied that it was a decision they made to separate work life from personal life. For this reason, most of their publications on social networks have to do with the projects in which they participate.

We decided to rest, in some way, the social networks of the relationship”, he told the press “But there we are, he is in Bogotá on his projects. He is very involved right now in the spiritual and motivational issue, which seems super cool to me and I am full with the novel that does not give me time for anything”.

This gives a bit more context to Sebastian’s post and calms down worried followers of a potential breakup.

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One of the first soap operas in which the Colombian actress participated was in some episodes of “Decisions”, playing different characters.

However, the role that launched her to fame was Catalina Santana in “Without breasts there is no paradise.” She was a young woman who wanted to get out of poverty by using her appearance to conquer rich men, many of them involved in illegal activities.

Among his most recent novels are the sequels “Without breasts, there is paradise” and “The end of paradise.” In addition, “Café con aroma de mujer” where she played Lucía Sanclemente.

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The response of Carmen Villalobos to the personal reflection of her husband Sebastián Caicedo

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