The Seagull’s daughter has the most exclusive crocs, this cost

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Angélica Rivera, who reached the highest point of her fame with the telenovela “Destilando Amor”, so much so that since then she has been popularly known as the “Gaviota”, and later became the first lady of Mexico when she became the wife of former President Enrique Peña Nieto is characterized by his great style to dress, wearing clothes from big firms, something that his daughters inherited and, even when it comes to crocs, they wear the most exclusive ones.

Despite the fact that “Gaviota” left the public eye a few years ago, Fernanda Castro and Sofia Castro, daughters of Angélica Rivera and television producer José Alberto Castro, “El Güero Castro”, seem to follow the artistic legacy of their parents and They are constantly active on social networks sharing their career and lifestyle that does not go unnoticed by their followers.

On this occasion, Fernanda Castro was the one who surprised social networks by sharing her outfit and footwear that, without a doubt, left everyone surprised, not only because of the style, but also because of the amount of money it costs to buy luxury crocs. That is why in De Última, we tell you all the details of that publication and, if you want to be inspired by her style, we tell you how much it would cost you to be in her shoes.

Fernanda Castro wears exclusive crocs worn by celebrities like the Kardashians

Fernanda Castro, the eldest daughter of the Gaviota, and who is 22 years old, has followed the line of her parents and is dedicated to the artistic world, so it is common to see her share her musical projects on social networks, such as Instagram. However, she does not go unnoticed about her lifestyle and her trendy outfits that make her look spectacular and she lets us see the good taste that she inherited from her mother.

She recently shared a story with her 125,000 Instagram followers in which she and her sister Sofia Castro appear posing in front of a mirror wearing black outfits.

Sofía Castro appeared as a top with short sleeves and crossed at the front, as well as loose aesthetic pants that she combined with some Converse-type tennis shoes, glasses on her head and golden necklaces.

On the other hand, Fernanda Castro also wore a top with a triangular cut on the front and straight, high-waisted black pants. She also wore golden jewelry such as bracelets, rings, and necklaces.

However, despite the fact that the outfits of the daughters of the Gaviota made them look fresh and youthful, their followers could not miss Fernanda Castro’s crocs. And that is not just any shoe, crocs They are part of the collaboration with the Spanish firm Balenciaga and they are a very exclusive piece, so much so that they are worn by personalities such as North West, daughter of Kim Kardashian.

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Photo: Instagram @fernandacastromusica

How much are the Balenciaga crocs worn by the Seagull’s daughter?

According to the brand’s official website, the exclusive Balenciaga crocs, worn by Fernanda Castro, are priced at $950, that is, around 19,180 pesos.

However, on portals like Ebay these crocs are sold at a much higher price: 2,500 dollars, the equivalent of 50,482 pesos.

And, if you decide to buy them on the Balenciaga page in Europe, the price will be 750 euros, which is equal to 15,190 pesos.







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The Seagull’s daughter has the most exclusive crocs, this cost

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