The ‘secret’ castle of Prince Albert of Monaco

The situation of the Principality of Monaco in recent times is complicated. Even though the princess Charlene He is already back and has participated in some commitments, the controversies around his state and the relationship with the sovereign have not stopped happening. There has been talk of a millionaire agreement between the couple for her to live in Switzerland, but the former swimmer herself recently settled any kind of rumour, although not successfully.

Charlene on her return to activity. / Gtres

And it is that the ‘ghost’ of the crisis has surrounded the couple from the moment their link was announced and, more than ten years later, they have not managed to prevent the rumors from continuing. In fact, in the last year, with the absence of the Princess due to health problems, they have intensified even more.

A few weeks ago it was noted that Charlene had moved into the property of roc agel, where the Grimaldo family used to enjoy the summer season and which is located not far from the capital of the Principality. This is one of the most emblematic residences of the family and is linked to the history of Grace Kelly and Rainier, both positively and negatively. We must not forget that it was precisely on a trip from Roc Agel that Alberto de Monaco’s mother suffered the tragic accident that ended her life, on a journey in which she was accompanied by Stephanie of Monaco. The youngest of the Grimaldi, by the way, has also taken refuge on many occasions in the property, where she can be in contact with animals and nature, two of her great passions.

Alberto and Charlene de Monaco in Cannes. / Gtres

However, beyond this special property, the truth is that the Grimaldi have an important real estate heritage, although not all the residences are available to the entire family. As confirmed, while Roc Agel has been a haven for Charlene, Prince Albert of Monaco also has a ‘house’ for her exclusive use and enjoyment.

As revealed by the specialized journalist Stéphane Bern, it is the Marchais Castle, located in the Aisne area and belonging to the Grimaldi family since the 19th century. “It is the most secret home of the Grimaldi. No camera has ever filmed the castle”, explained the expert.

Caroline of Monaco
Carolina de Monaco with her brother and Karl Lagerfeld. / Gtres

The property was purchased in 1864 by the Princess Antoinette de Merode , mother of Alberto I. The castle is located about sixty kilometers from Belgium, a strategic position for the maintenance of relations between several aristocratic families. Albert II himself declared that in Marchais castle “he keeps the best childhood memories of him”. The Prince loves this place, which is somehow ‘off-limits’ to the rest of the family.

Although it is true that on occasion he has visited it with his wife and two children, Marchais is the place to which the sovereign ‘escapes’ when he wants to be calm. One of the barely four hundred inhabitants of the town said in 2019: “When he is there, he is calm. The sovereign comes here to rest a bit. To be able to relax and move freely, ”he sentenced.

Caroline of Monaco walking. / Gtres

If the castle of Marchais has kept its secret character, it has been thanks to the interventions of the prince rainier, who placed devices to protect the estate from the paparazzi. The mansion has become so inaccessible that very few photos of it exist. Before the works, the house was open to the villagers who frequented the gardens of more than 1,500 hectares in summer and played bowling.

The Grimaldi family usually spend a few summer weekends at the castle or between September and February, when the hunting season is open. “Alberto is not a great hunter. while to Carolina she loves taking care of dogs, ”says the specialist, who comments that Estefanía does not like the place. Of course, it makes it clear that it is not a free access enclosure for the Grimaldi, but that the Prince’s permission is needed to visit it.

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The ‘secret’ castle of Prince Albert of Monaco

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