The sexy video in the shower shared by Aida Victoria Merlano together with Naldy

Aida Victoria Merlano has unleashed all kinds of comments on social networks with the constant content that she usually publishes on her personal accounts. The young woman has captivated with the freedom that she handles to talk about intimate and sexual issues, focusing on giving reflections and curious data that work for the curious in that aspect of her life.

The daughter of Aida Merlano, a former Colombian congresswoman, has managed to attract the attention of different people on digital platforms with details of her personal life, starting with their relationships and sentimental ties. The influencer He stole the eyes of his fans with the announcement of the new love opportunity that had been given to Naldy, artist and composer.

Recently, the Barranquilla aroused all kinds of reactions among Instagram users, after using her official account to publish a sensual video in the company of her current boyfriend. Merlano bet on content as a couple, playing with elements such as the shower and the angles to record.

According to what was reflected in the publication, Aida Victoria appears taking a bath, with a dim light and a large stream of water, while wearing a blue bikini. Seconds later, Naldy appears in dark shorts, entering the shower and staring at his girlfriend.

The scenes appear to be sensual, as the two apply soap, kiss passionately, look at each other, and hug each other on several occasions in front of the camera. Nevertheless, all this sexy content plan is put to one side when they post snippets of what really happened.

The couple laughs and shouts of emotion when their pet appears in the middle of the recording, which enters the bathroom and gets wet with them. Similarly, Aida Victoria showed how uncoordinated they were to make the clip, giving indications of the expressions they had to make.

“Make an optimal face for the video,” says Merlano, while Naldy looks at her confused and bewildered at not understanding what the young woman was talking about.

In the middle of the content, you can see moments in which both talk and argue about not knowing how to position themselves to make the “sensual” video. The two have different opinions, but Aida Victoria tries to lead the staging.

The content is completely transformed into a funny theme, capturing the good chemistry that both have in this kind of ideas. Naldy shows his good humor, throwing funny expressions and loose comments to make his girlfriend laugh.

“We wanted to record a sexy video… and that’s how it went”wrote the content creator in the caption of the post, where she already has more than 167,000 likes from her followers.

Most of the comments from the curious focused on highlighting the beautiful couple that the two Colombians made, reaching the point of comparing this union with the one that Merlano previously had with Lumar Alonso. The praise was not far behind and more than one person pointed out “that they did not know which of the two was better”.

“That man is the one who gives her the size, not Lumar”, “I don’t know which of the two is richer”, “Parce, they made me want a sweetheart or a pet”, “How cute they look”, They are very handsome, but think about the water”, among other comments that are observed in the post.

Aida Victoria and Naldy surprising by giving themselves another chance

Last May, the influencer He was speechless after receiving an unexpected proposal from his ex-partner, the Colombian artist. Both had distanced themselves in February due to differences within their relationship, so they were simply friends.

However, the celebrity shared a post on social networks where he revealed a billboard that the singer made for him, asking him to be his girlfriend. Merlano, who has managed to seduce with some content on Instagramdid not hesitate to give himself a new story with him.

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The sexy video in the shower shared by Aida Victoria Merlano together with Naldy

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