The singer, Britney Spears, cherishes her freedom

Hours. That is what remains for Britney Spears to know the resolution of Judge Brenda Penny, who is handling the case of the controversial legal guardianship that has controlled every aspect of her life for the last 13 years. The singer today faces the last hearing of the trial against her father, Jamie Spears, who has controlled the finances, professional and personal life of the singer since her more than public mental crisis in 2008.

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A few weeks ago, Britney was able to celebrate an unusual victory: the singer managed to get the judge to dismiss her father as main guardian, after a tough legal battle.

This combination photo shows Jamie Spears, left, father of Britney Spears, as he leaves the Stanley Mosk Courthouse on Oct. 24, 2012, in Los Angeles and Britney Spears at the Clive Davis and The Recording Academy Pre-Grammy Gala on Feb. 11, 2017, in Beverly Hills, Calif.. Britney Spears' father agreed Thursday, Aug. 12, 2021, to step down from the conservatorship that has controlled her life and money for 13 years, according to reports. Several outlets including celebrity website TMZ and CNN reported that James Spears filed legal documents saying that while there are no grounds for his removal, he will step down. (AP Photo)

Jamie Spears was removed from his position as the main legal guardian of his daughter Britney, thus controlling her career, her fortune and all aspects of her personal life.


“I am traumatized, I suffer abuse, the only thing comparable to this is called sex trafficking,” revealed the singer during one of the trial hearings, a testimony to which other witnesses have joined who have related some details of what the life of the woman was like. called ‘princess of pop’.

After his victory last September, Jamie Spears fears that his future could be complicated, and it is that after the more than possible legal victory of his daughter, new lawsuits and investigations could arrive to analyze in detail how the management of his goods and fortune; in addition to a possible lawsuit for psychological mistreatment and abuse, which could not leave the artist’s father in a very good place.

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While waiting for the moment, Britney wanted to share how she feels, announcing that she prays that the resolution is favorable: “I have never asked so much for something in my life. I know that I have said some things in my social networks out of anger that I should not have written but, I am human … and I think you would feel the same way if you had to live what I have suffered ”.

The singer just wants to end this situation once and for all.

The singer just wants to end this situation once and for all.

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The crucial change of lawyers

Both parties would agree to end this matter completely, especially after the judge agreed to allow the singer to choose her own legal representative, an action that until then was controlled by her father. The change of lawyers for Britney, who opted for the famous criminal lawyer Mathew Rosengart, has been crucial in this case, since he has achieved in just under six months what many did not even try for his client for years.

In the case of the artist’s father, there will also be a change of legal representation for this last hearing, and it will have the lawyer Alex M. Weingarten, after the previous lawyers Vivian L. Thhoreen and Geraldine Wyle resigned to continue representing Jamie Spears.

Britney Spears with her mother Lynne and her father Jamie in 2006

Britney Spears with her mother Lynne and her father Jamie in 2006


“Jamie unconditionally loves and supports his daughter. As she has done her entire life, Spears will do everything possible to protect and care for her. For the last thirteen years, she has given herself body and soul to his tutelage. Now he believes that he must finish his role and will not seek to continue practicing in the future. He wants to finish immediately, “they said in a statement after the judge dismissed the artist’s father from his position as legal guardian, which he described as” abusive. “

A new life away from the stage

While Britney eagerly awaits the judge’s ruling, which experts say will be favorable to the singer, she remains focused on regaining control of her life and affairs for the first time in more than a decade. Among other important decisions, the singer is engaged to her boyfriend, actor Sam Asghari; You are spending as much time as you can with your children, you have rewarded yourself with a dream vacation, you have managed to rest from all the stress caused by investigations and trials, and even make up lost hobbies.

Britney met Sam in 2016.

Britney met Sam in 2016 and they got engaged last September.


In addition, the artist has resumed contact with her followers through social networks, where she shares all her progress and sends them messages of affection, proof of the absence of parental control. With whom he does not speak or intends to do so at the moment is his closest family, whom he accuses of the nightmare that he has had to live in the last decade. In addition to describing her father as having exploited her to unsuspected limits, she has also wanted to blame her mother, who apparently had the idea of ​​legal guardianship; and his little sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, whom he accuses of not helping him at the time and taking advantage of his fame and fortune.

The only one who for the moment would get rid of Britney’s wrath would be her older brother, Bryan, television products of whom little is known and who has always been close to her sister, being one of her first representatives at the beginning of her career. In fact, he would be the only one who would still maintain direct contact, being the only one who would have defended his wishes to free himself from guardianship.

“He has always wanted to get out of that situation. It is very frustrating to have to live something like this, “said his brother in a rare intervention in the podcast As Not Seen on TV, in 2020,” Even if someone comes with the best intention, having a person constantly tell you what to do. doing has to be frustrating. He has been wanting to get out of that situation for a long time ”.

Despite his words, Bryan Spears defended that his father had done “the best he could”, given the circumstances. His sister, however, just hopes to get it over with as soon as possible.

“I have worked very hard but now that he is here and the end is approaching I feel very happy but at the same time there are many that scare me”, the singer was sincere on Instagram, sending a dart directly to her family: “May God have mercy on the souls of my family members if one day I decide to grant an interview ”.

Britney Spears

The singer will recover her life away from the stage.

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From now on, and if she achieves that long-awaited victory, the singer will regain control of her life and, for now, she plans to dedicate herself to her family. What she does not intend to do is give one more concert, after feeling enslaved for so long, so her followers will have to be patient if they want to see the pop princess on stage again.

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The singer, Britney Spears, cherishes her freedom