The story of gIANMARIA: from the first songs to X Factor fighting against panic attacks

gIANMARIA history. Today we deepen the knowledge on what is today considered the revelation artist of this edition of X Factor.

The 19-year-old’s real name gIANMARIA And Gianmaria Volpato and is a Student from Vicenza (like Madame e Sangiovanni) who occasionally works in a pizzeria.

Discographically, the boy released the singles All or nothing 2, produced by eimgei, e Sorry mom (production of Bias) in 2020, and, in July 2021, Listen produced by Movement.

Gianmaria story: from panic attacks to the X Factor stage

All the contestants of the program are holding a Vlog on the site of Sky e gIANMARIA he spoke with sincerity, also speaking of a problem that afflicts so many young people today and that is often underestimated, panic attacks.

The boy has chosen his name in the registry office as his stage name but he prefers it written with the first lowercase letter and the rest uppercase: gIANMARIA.

In previous years he had another project, GianXoxo but growing up he preferred to change and, above all, delete all the songs that no longer represented him.

He started making music at 13/14… he always enjoyed writing and one day he saw Freestyle contests on YouTube and started writing over the basics. Then at 14 he recorded to laugh at a friend’s house and realized that was what he wanted to try, not all his life, but at least in that moment when he didn’t have any other big goals.

After three years of making music he became convinced that it was the right thing for him and his parents gave him a big push to do it, always telling him to study as they didn’t believe much in the world of music.

Since he was a boy he was fascinated by the way in which rappers expressed themselves in music, Psalm above all

He claims to have a very simple life but he recognizes sensitivity as a strong point. He always notices and observes the details in social situations and this leads him to write a lot of songs. He is very withdrawn and emotional, and when under pressure he suffers from panic attacks, which also happened in the soundchecks of the show. He is convinced that X Factor could help him overcome this problem and better prepare him for his dream, which is to do his own lives.

After the audition came fame and photos on the street, one thing of which gIANMARIA does not care. He prefers to receive messages in which people tell him that his music is helping them.

In his songs sadness is an essential part, closely linked with his empathy and sensitivity. For this reason, beyond its unpublished, The Suicides, in the second episode of the live shows he managed to immerse himself perfectly in a song by Vasco Rossi very difficult, Jenny is crazy, song that tells of the rocker’s depression, making it his own. Basque he appreciated making public compliments on social networks a gIANMARIA.

Also in the third live, with a totally different song of the CCCP, I feel good, the young artist conquered the public and the jury. Many think that he is the announced winner of the Talent show Sky. What is certain is that we have found, as already happened with White, a very young artist who has a lot to tell and knows how to do it.

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The story of gIANMARIA: from the first songs to X Factor fighting against panic attacks