The story of the discord between Susana Dosamantes and Maribel Guardia over a man

Maribel Guardia has been involved in controversy over the romance she had with one of the ex-husbands of the deceased Susana Dosamantes 30 years ago.

In 2010, the Costa Rican actress and singer confirmed having had a love affair with Carlos Vasallo, the second husband of the star of Si Nos Dejan, who died on July 2 at the age of 74, “victim of a complication of cancer of pancreas that had been detected in the month of February”.

“I believe that nobody destroys what is already destroyed. What is certain is that I was with this man when he was separated, but he was still married. So, no one takes sin away, there it is,” said the 63-year-old actress, host and singer to the Escándalo TV show.

“I never lived with him at the same time, when he was with the lady. I was not the lover. Yes I was the third in discordbecause he had not been divorced, but he was with me, “he added during the meeting with the media.

“In the things of love, sometimes one makes mistakes of falling in love with the wrong personwhen you fall in love you are blind, deaf and dumb,” he added.

the one that was wife of the late Joan Sebastian He also clarified the rumors about whether he was romantically related to Susana Dosantes’s ex out of interest, pointing out that, contrary to what was thought, it affected his career and caused him to temporarily withdraw.

“They say that I was with him like a lever, on the contrary, it greatly affected my career, because at that time I made 10 films a year and, as a result of being with him, I left my career.”

Maribel Guardia took advantage of the cameras to apologize to Paulina Rubio’s mother and pointed out that the claims should be for the producer.

“I apologize, I’m very sorry, but they claim him, and now they’re all close.”

Susana Dosamantes also reacted to rumors that Carlos Luis Vasallo Tomé was unfaithful to her with Maribel Guardia. “I forget the ugly and the bad, I think that everything that happens is what should have happened,” she said in April 2018 in an interview for the program “The minute that changed my destiny.”

This is how Maribel Guardia reacted when she found out about Susana Dosamantes’ cancer

Last April, Maribel Guardia learned of the pancreatic cancer that was detected in Susana Dosamantes and expressed her respect for the family in the face of the situation, wishing the actress a speedy recovery.

“I wish Mrs. Susana the best. God bless her and my respect and blessings for all of her family,” she commented in the interview resumed by the Ventaneando program.

In that meeting with the media, the reporters reminded him of the controversy he experienced with Susana Dosamantes and Carlos Vasallo more than thirty years ago. Maribel Guardia showed indignation before the cameras for having brought up the subject in difficult times for Paulina Rubio’s mother.

“How ugly that they are talking about it at times like these, that is, really, you have to respect it,” said the famous one. “I have it (a beautiful heart) for all the people who are sick, more so for a person so dear like her”.

Paulina Rubio made rudeness to Maribel Guardia

More than twenty years ago, Paulina Rubio made a rudeness to Maribel Guardia in a live television program, thus showing her dissatisfaction with the presenter for having been “the third in discord” between her mother and her stepfather Carlos Vasallo.

The events happened in 2009, when the singer was invited to the “Muévete” program in which the Costa Rican was one of the hosts and who was in charge of presenting her on stage, it was at that moment that the “Golden Girl” totally ignored her .

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The story of the discord between Susana Dosamantes and Maribel Guardia over a man

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