The strong message that Jhonny Rivera sent to those who criticize him, what did he say?

Jhonny Rivera is one of the most influential popular music singers in the entire Colombian territory. His career has catapulted him to the top of the genre, in addition, his closeness to his followers and his important presence on social networks have been fundamental. Likewise, it is highlighted that the fraternal relationship he had with Lina Tejeiro, ex-partner of Andy Rivera, generates positive emotions among people.

His profiles on the platforms have allowed him to be more connected with his fans. In fact, he constantly shares facts about his daily life through stories and posts. An example of this was the operation of his horse Valentinowhich was rescued by the artist a short time ago.

The animal underwent complex surgery due to an angular deformity caused by a dislocation of the carpal joint in the left forelimb. The singer had been sharing information about the horse’s health and on September 8, the procedure lasted more than six hours and had almost 10 doctors to achieve it.

Now, Valentino is in full recovery. A detail that has caught everyone’s attention on social networks is the care of the animal. In a comfortable room he receives all the necessary care to be in perfect condition. At the door he says the following, “This is me: Valentino Rivera; I weigh 149 kg and I have a docile temperament”.

The story of the animal has had Jhonny Rivera’s account very active, as all his followers are waiting for the speedy recovery of the specimen. However, this is not the only thing that Jhonny publishes on his social networks, since A few days ago he shared a funny story in which his mouth was the protagonist.

Jhonny Rivera surprised those who criticize him with a clear message

Social networks allow a close relationship between those who create content and their followers, and an example of this is the closeness that the popular music singer maintains with his fans. Every time he has the opportunity he tells them stories that happen to him in life or has fun with them doing any activity.

A few days ago, the artist drew attention after a TikTok that he shared in his stories. In this, the most striking thing was his lips, which he altered with an effect of said platform so that they looked huge. Giving the impression that he had operated on them, he took the opportunity to humorously say that, “The only cosmetic surgery I had was the one on my eyelids, even there I have a bruise, you can see there, I haven’t done anything else, people, why is it like that, what the hell, I only have that surgery” , he said apparently seriously in his video.

The reaction of the renowned popular music singer is due to the fact that just a few days ago, he was undergoing cosmetic surgery on his eyes and in the face of this, many people spoke on the artist’s social networks stating that more procedure had been done, a subject that Jhonny Rivera himself flatly denied through the aforementioned video.

In this world of social networks it is normal for people, without any kind of prudence, to state something as true, whether it has happened or not, and this in turn causes comments of this type to be replicated and many individuals end up affirming some something that has not actually happened. That’s why, Jhonny Rivera’s anger with those who point out that he had more surgeries.

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The strong message that Jhonny Rivera sent to those who criticize him, what did he say?

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