The truth about Omar Chaparro that irritates those who call him “mediocre”, like Kristoff Raczynski

Omar Chaparro during a press conference. (Adrian Monroy/Media and Media/Getty Images)

Omar Chaparro is the favorite target of countless snipers. No matter what project you are involved in, there will always be some criticism of your work or directly towards it. On this occasion, it was the youtuber Kristoff Raczynski who was in charge of shooting the Mexican actor whom he had no qualms about calling “mediocre”, in addition to assuming himself as the owner of the absolute truth, because according to him his judgments about Chaparro’s work are not valuations put to discussion but incontestable facts.

It all started with the interview that Omar Chaparro had with Karla Díaz on the YouTube channel Pinky Promise. the protagonist of Don’t stain Frida he was asked about which people he would never collaborate with professionally. “I respect him, but I prefer not to live with people who live from scrutiny and from pointing out and seeing only the mistakes of others. I don’t even say the names, but one is on TV Azteca and the other worked with me on Telehit, he has a half-Russian surname.”. Although at first he did not want to say the names, he finally accepted that he was referring to Raczynski and Horacio Villalobos.

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“Don’t speak ill of me, They speak ill of everyone. And it is not that they are angry with me, they are angry with life, with themselves and that makes me sad. I really want them to do well.” This statement drew a furious response from the critic.

“Dear, Omar Chaparro: a clarification, I do not speak ill of you, nor do I criticize you. I’m talking about your work as an ‘actor’, which is quite mediocre; by the way, mine is not ‘hate’, it’s the truth that you don’t want to accept”Kristoff wrote on Twitter.

Raczynski is dedicated to film criticism on YouTube and is characterized by a controversial style when analyzing films that he does not like. In 2019, he made a strong criticism of how fallen from the sky, the film in which Chaparro played Pedro Infante. On his YouTube channel, which has more than 500,000 subscribers, Raczynski went all out against the protagonist. He said that during 2019 there were many movies and that Mexico could not be left behind: “That’s why they hired Omar Chaparro”, sentenced. “How nice would have been a good tribute to one of the great idols of Mexico and not this shit.” As a climax, he called “talented dwarf” to Omar Chaparro.

Despite the criticism, the success of Omar Chaparro is resounding in the last films he has made. In that same 2019, probably the best year of his career, Don’t stain Frida 2 (film also riddled by Kristoff on his channel) was the highest grossing Mexican film of the year (329.3 million pesos), according to SensaCinema. Chaparro also raised 136 million with everyone falls. In addition, at the international level, she participated in Detective Pikachua film that recovered 224.7 million dollars in Mexico.

The same goes for the TV shows you decide to make. His success, at a numerical level, is overwhelming and cannot be denied by the criticism of someone like Raczynski, who hides behind the argument that junk cinema cannot convince people like him, because in his video criticizing the second part from Don’t stain Frida questions the tastes of those who see these films. “It is not entertaining for people with more criteria. If you’re a kid, watch and see.”

Perhaps his role as a comedian has played against Chaparro for a long time, but it is also true that he has decided to leave his comfort zone and look for new professional challenges, such as his participation in The Rodriguez and beyond, to make his debut in Spanish cinema. Despite everything, Omar Chaparro is already more than tough in the face of criticism.


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The truth about Omar Chaparro that irritates those who call him “mediocre”, like Kristoff Raczynski

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