The unmissable photos of Celia Lora on Instagram that put all the rules to the test

Instagram has established itself as one of the favorite platforms of celebrities. (Infobae)

Celia Lora He is one of the characters of the show that has more evidence on social networks, mainly on Instagram, where he also shares photographs and videos.

The controversial actress and model has spread on his Instagram account more content of his trip to Europe, particularly in Spain, Italy and England, where he has gone from historical places such as the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, the Milan Cathedral or the Garden Lodge in London, as well as to bars and concerts.

The Celia Lora’s publicationshowever, they have not been away from the uploaded content of everything that characterizes it and that more than 10 million followers he has on the social network.

With hundreds of thousands of likes and comments, we leave you with the unmissable photos of Celia Lora that are sweeping Instagram.

Celia Eloísa Lora García, better known as simply Celia Lorawas born on December 25, 1983 in Mexico City, is the daughter of the famous Mexican rock singer Alex Lora del ‘Tri’ and his wife who also has the same name as her but is better known as “Chela” Lora.

She has excelled as an adult model, too He has made erotic videos and participated in various television shows.which has led her to stand out in the artistic world regardless of the fame of her parents.

Eloisa’s middle name was given in honor of her paternal grandmother, Eloisa Serna, who is known as an influence in the singer’s life for her famous phrase: “Mom, turn on the recorder because I’m going to be on television. And long live rock and roll!

During her beginnings, Celia Lora only appeared at her parents’ events and it was until she started appearing on reality shows that She became a social media influencerwhich she later reinforced with her role as an actress in adult videos.

He made his television debut in 2012 after his brief appearance in the first season of The islanda reality show of physical competition and mental prowess in which the daughter of the rockers managed to qualify for the Celebrity team, but was automatically eliminated in the first game to the death. Later, in 2014, she appeared on the show Lucky Ladies and four years later he did the same in Acapulco Shorewhich was broadcast on MTVLA.

However, her name echoed in the middle of the show before her debut as an artist, since it was in 2010 when Celia Lora, after speeding and under the influence of alcohol, ran over a man who was cleaning a telephone booth in Periferico.

Despite the facts, the model defended herself and assured: “If you think about the reality of things, if it had been any other person, the mess that was made would not be done and even if I had gone in reverse, that was not the case. , because I collided with another and the other took him, not me “and added that he was even being extorted by the victim’s family.

“My mom gave them a million and a half for their fleas,” said the woman, for which criticism rained down on her, adding to the four-year sentence on probation among rumors that her father had resorted to his influences, thus saving her from stepping on jail.

The daughter of Álex and “Chela” has been characterized by not having “outspoken language” and He has even said that his greatest achievement has been being with more than 50 men and having lost her virginity to an older man when she was visiting London. On the other hand, Celia has confessed that despite her profession, she would have liked to be a man.

In 2019 Celia Lora starred in an adult film video for hot go in collaboration with the actress Apolonia Lapiedra, where she did a lesbian scene to “delight” the men.

At the beginning of 2020 Celia Lora appeared in an episode of youtuber Golden Scorpionwhich reached 10 million views in a few days and in which Celia Lora took off her top, leaving the driver himself surprised.

Another of Celia Lora’s scandals was when, during an interview with Adela Micha, she made a comment about President Andrés Manuel López Obrador where she said that he wanted them to “kill the president”for which it was widely criticized.

Given these facts, Álex Lora came out in defense of his daughter and assured that it was a joke, but later he apologized to those who felt offended and assured that neither he nor his wife were the ones to judge people.

He has been on his list of gallants Fernando CarrilloAlthough it was one of her longest relationships, the young woman has assured that she did not fall in love with him, but she enjoyed it; she also she was with Moral Gispana low-income man who recognized that he could not please Celia with his gestures other than in private.

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The unmissable photos of Celia Lora on Instagram that put all the rules to the test

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