The unwritten destiny of the Infanta Sofía: Leonor’s confidante, counselor and ally, like Irene of Greece (whom she looks a lot like) is Queen Sofía’s

HP is the
15th birthday of the
Infanta Sofia and it comes at a delicate moment for the royal family, and not only because of the implementation of the new transparency measures that affect the institution. The absence of
princess eleanor made her think of a moment of renewed protagonism for her sister, who would thus be turned into a kind of
substitute of the heiress, something that already happened with the infantas Elena and Cristina. This has not been the case, which shows that the
Queen Letizia follows his own roadmap in which his daughters are concerned. In fact, he doesn’t budge an inch from her obsession with
preserve privacy of both to the maximum, but above all of Sofía.

How old is the Infanta Sofia?

Sofía de Borbón y Ortiz, recently released fifteen years old, is not destined to be the second institutional or to live in the shadow of her sister, but to enjoy the
freedom that this one will not be able to have.

One of the recent public appearances of the Infanta Sofía and Princess Leonor. /


The fate of the infanta Sofía is not that of the
misplaced princess margaret of England who always longed for a greater institutional presence in British public life.
Margarita always had more of a ‘queen vocation’ than her sister Isabel, who could not help but feel
intimidated for the scepter and the throne. In fact, she did not get to develop much more activity than that offered by the official agenda of the British royal house, partly due to the imperatives of an era that relegated upper-class women to marriage and social life. Sofia will not suffer any
melancholy of the thronebecause he will be able to carve out his destiny based on his dreams and desires, something that will not happen to his sister, subject to her dynastic role.

One of the few acts in which we could contemplate the infanta Sofía
In solitary, without his sister, it was in the celebration of October 12, when he stood to the right of his father, King Felipe VI, to watch the military parade on Hispanic Heritage Day. In that unavoidable official act for the royal family we were able to verify one of the dangers that, surely, Queen Letizia tries to avoid everything: the
free bar reviews against the infanta Sofía, much more exposed to criticism than her sister, whom her institutional position will always protect more.

What does it mean to be an infant?

Few will dare
openly criticize the physique or posture of a future teenage queen, but unfortunately we did get to read unfortunate comments about Sofia’s physique, which is simply
infanta, that is, daughter of king. Not only does it not have an institutional role, but in the future it would be outside the royal family formed by Leonor, if it maintains the separation that Felipe VI made between her family nucleus and her parents and siblings. For all these reasons, the press is going to take many more liberties with her person, hence the importance of
strengthen your privacy with greater zeal than his sister.

The remarkable resemblance between Irene of Greece and the Infanta Sofía. /


With just turned 15 years old, Sofia must begin to make the first decisions that will affect her future (academic, above all) and to create the
adult relationship that will unite her with the future queen, Princess Eleanor. There are those who fear that a distance will open up between the sisters, as in the case of Carolina and Estefanía de Mónaco, one very focused on the institutional pole and the other, with a very visible search for
different experiences until you find your calling. It doesn’t seem very likely, given the ascendancy that the
Queen Letizia has in both.

The truth is that the relationship between the sisters has more signs of developing in the sense of that between Queen Sofía and her sister, her adviser and inseparable
ally Irene of Greece. The remarkable resemblance between the two has already been pointed out: they share the same smile, snub nose and green eyes.

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The unwritten destiny of the Infanta Sofía: Leonor’s confidante, counselor and ally, like Irene of Greece (whom she looks a lot like) is Queen Sofía’s

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