The word of Vanesa, El Noba’s mother, minutes before learning of the death of her son

Vanesa, Noba’s mother spoke about the singer’s health: “His heart beats”

Lautaro Colonelpopularly known as The Noba, passed away Friday at noon After spending just over a week in the Hospital of High Complexity in Network El Cruce Dr. Néstor Carlos Kirchnerby Florencio Varela, after being involved in an accident while traveling on his motorcycle.

The news that puts the world of cumbia 420 in mourning was confirmed through a medical report issued by the same institute where he was. “From the management of the High Complexity Hospital in Red El Cruce Dr. Néstor Carlos Kirchner it is reported: After carrying out the evaluations required for his certification, we regret to communicate the death of Lautaro Coronelwho remained hospitalized in the Adult Intensive Care Unit of our Institution, since May 24 “.

The statement of the death of El Noba

Minutes before the fatal outcome and still hoping that her son would recover, his mother Vanesa Aranda had made a video that she posted on her social networks in which she referred to the musician’s health. “I am going to speak only once for my son. They know from the first moment that they told me the same thing: that my son was ill, that the blow to his head was very strong. All the bad ones you can imagine, I know from the first moment “began with sadness and continued: “Everyone is waiting to see if he dies or not, unfortunately I want to tell you that he has a heart so big and strong that he is still alive, his heart beats and every time mom enters with the strength that people and her friends from TRUE”.

He then addressed directly the rumors that circulated Thursday afternoon: “They came out to say that he was brain dead, that he was dead, and no, it’s not like that, they’re going to listen to the part, they’re going to say. For me, my son is not dead. They can give the reports they want, I already knew that, they did a tomography and it didn’t come out right, but it doesn’t mean that my son died. My son’s heart beats stronger than ever.”

Also at that time he asked for caution and showed a glimmer of hope: “For any mother who sees and listens to me, knows that while a heart is beating there is life, that they say what they want, we continue to maintain the faith and love that we have from day one.”

Lautaro and his mother Vanesa
Lautaro and his mother Vanesa

The accident occurred on Monday, May 23, at the intersection of Luis Braille and Solís, also in Florencio Varela, when a Peugeot 308 hit “El Noba”, who was riding a motorcycle without a license plate and without a helmet. After the impact, the driver stayed at the scene and called 911..

Once the police and ambulance arrived, the musician was rushed to the hospital. “His condition is desperate.”had reported to Infobae a source of the case. The driver of the Peugeot, for his part, underwent a breathalyzer test, that gave zero.

The case was left in charge of UFI Nº7, in charge of Roxana Giménez, who, in principle, He charged the driver with the crime “culpable injuries” and is in search of witnesses to the collision and days later the images of the security cameras in the area that recorded the incident appeared.

As part of the investigation, in addition, the prosecutor in the case has already ordered a mechanical report on both the car and the motorcycle that the singer was driving, which is one of the main references of the so-called Cumbia 420, as L-Ghent, cousin dog Y DT Bilardo.


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The word of Vanesa, El Noba’s mother, minutes before learning of the death of her son

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