There is no one who understands Cameron Diaz and his last decision

We have not seen act Cameron Diaz since 2014, the year in which he put acting aside after his last works in annie, sex-tape Y There are no two without three. During all this time, this comedy star has dedicated herself to focusing on herself, her family and developing personal projects as a businesswoman that, according to has been telling over and over again in interviews, have led her to a full and happy life far from the overwhelm of Hollywood. However, even though she insisted that she had no intention of stepping foot in front of the cameras again, it was just announced that Diaz will be back in a new movie with Netflix.

Cameron Diaz at the presentation of his book “The Longevity Book” in 2016 (Photo: Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic/Getty Images)

will do it with Back-in-Actionan action comedy, one of the genres where we have seen it travel frequently in films like Charlie’s Angels either Night and day. Details of its plot have not been revealed, but it is known that the project will be directed by Seth Gordon, responsible for films such as damn neighbors and the reboot of Baywatch; written by Brendan O’Brien, who usually signs comedy scripts like damn neighbors; and co-starring Jamie Foxx, with whom Diaz already coincided in 2014 in annie. That is to say, a film that aims to be the same thing that the actress has done over and over again throughout her career.

In this sense, It is hard to understand why Diaz is now throwing herself back into Hollywood after spending years pointing out how happy she lives away from this world. Basically, she’s going back to continue in the same vein as a decade ago, when she starred in routine comedies that hardly stick in the minds of viewers. And considering that almost all of her interviews in these years have revolved around how full she felt outside of acting, her return feels like a huge contradiction to the image she has tried to give us since her withdrawal. .

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For example, in an interview with Yahoo! Finance in 2021 he went on to state that he doesn’t have what it takes to make a film, that all his energies are now focused on his family and his personal projects. “Now is a different time in my life. Now I’m here and this is the most satisfying thing I’ve ever done in my life. Having a family, being married and having our little nuclear family is absolutely the best thing. So I can’t give… I don’t have what it takes to make a movie. All my energy is here.”he claimed.

the same in another intervention with Kevin Hart, where He pointed out that he did not miss the Hollywood life at allthat she now felt “complete” and that she had left behind lending her time and energy to other people to focus on herself. “When you do something at a really high level for a long period of time, other parts of you have to be given to other people”, explained to the actor about his reasons for not abandoning his profession. And the same speech he repeated over and over again, as in another interview with Gwyneth Paltrow in 2020. “I felt like peace. Peace in my soul because I’m finally taking care of myself.”declared.

Also, Diaz has always boasted of being in another good professional moment with his new projectsas is the case with its organic wine brand Aveline. Your social networks they are full of images of the different products and actions that she carries out with this company, which was a way of telling us that she did not need cinema to feel professionally fulfilled. In the end, it is clear that the temptations of Hollywood are very great. And when a giant like Netflix arrives with a good offer, it is easy to sin and turn a speech that you have been defending for years into a dead letter.

Surely we are all delighted to see Cameron Diaz on screen again in the genre that gave her fame, but, dAfter the non-stop of declarations positioning himself at a point contrary to what his return will mean, seeing the news dislodges. And she’s going to find herself at a crossroads as she goes into explaining the reasons why she’s decided to return to this industry that she, apparently, felt she was better off staying away from.

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There is no one who understands Cameron Diaz and his last decision

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