They assure that Charlize Theron started an affair with the controversial ex-husband of another famous actress


If there is something Charlize Theron has been able to keep to the letter since his landing in Hollywood is the mystery. The multi-award-winning South African actress usually keeps aspects related to her love and family life under lock and key. In her social networks, for example, there are few images that she shares in which her children are present and little or nothing is known about her love history. However, this Wednesday US media claimed to have discovered who would be her new boyfriend: none other than the controversial ex-husband of an important colleague.

As reported Us WeeklyTheron “has been connecting with Gabriel Aubri“. Who is the gentleman in question? A 45-year-old French-Canadian model who rose to fame by becoming the husband of Halle Berry, to whom he was married for five years. As a result of that relationship – which ended on very bad terms – Nahla was born, their daughter who is now 14 years old.

Mr Berry. Actress Halle Berry with her partner, Gabriel Aubry, other special guests at the Calvin Klein celebration.

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry in the early days of their relationship.

“Theron and Aubry maintain a very informal relationship and enjoy each other,” a source close to the new couple assured that American media. Rumors had already circulated in 2017 that linked them romantically, but the actress denied knowing the model in an appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.

From that moment, however, the actress and the singer had something in common: their children attended -and attend- the same school. Did they cross paths at school events? Did the WhatsApp group of mothers and fathers join them? Until now nobody dares to rule out any hypothesis and, true to his style, Theron prefers to remain silent.

This is not the first time in the last year that the model has appeared on the covers of gossip magazines and news portals. Last July, he was linked to another important actress: Jennifer Aniston. At the time, as is the case now with Theron, none of those involved came out to deny or confirm the romance. In any case, Aubry is not a very loved person by those who, after hearing the ordeal that Berry claims to have gone through next to him, consider him a violent and racist person.

The violent love story with Halle Berry

Berry and Aubry dated for five years, had daughter Nahla in 2008, and two years later decided to separate. The relationship was hell for Berry: racism, incest and abuse. Some documents from 2011, published by the site OnlineRadar, reveal some of the episodes that the actress claimed to have spent with the Canadian model in court, when they clashed over the custody of the little girl. In fact, part of the statements Berry made before the judge were precisely about the treatment Nahla received from her father. According to her, the model did not want to admit that her daughter was mestizo.

Halle Berry was dating Gabriel Aubry for five years, but their relationship was absolutely chaotic

Halle Berry was dating Gabriel Aubry for five years, but their relationship was absolutely chaotic (Grosby Group/)

The actress also spoke openly that Aubrey had an incestuous relationship with a member of her family for years, until that person, who remains unidentified, ended their encounters. Some facts that Aubrey ended up confessing to the actress while they were together and that ended up affecting her partner. “After the first six months of our relationship, our sex life decreased and later we only made love less than three times a year,” the actress told the magistrate. The situation forced the couple to go to therapy, although it took her a while to convince him to talk to a specialist. “He did not acknowledge or accept responsibility for these problems. Instead, he criticized my body in a very demeaning way for women, ”she assured.

To get custody of her daughter, Berry warned the judge that the model had a history of mental illness, so he would not be the most suitable parent to take care of Nahla. The actress explained that Aubry suffered from depression and social anxiety, but she refused to receive treatment.

On this last aspect, the model’s lawyers argued that Berry was violating his client’s privacy by talking about his health. They also added that the interpreter’s testimony was partly irrelevant, had “incorrect facts” and was unfounded, so they asked the court to remove part of the content.

Finally, the magistrate ordered Berry to pay her ex-partner 14,400 euros a month for the child’s support, in addition to around 300,000 dollars for legal representation expenses.

Years later, the actress married French actor Olivier Martinez, with whom she had another son in 2013, Maceo. The two actors began dating before the trial ended in 2014. Two years earlier, Aubry and Martinez had gotten into a fight at Berry’s California residence, resulting in both being hospitalized.


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They assure that Charlize Theron started an affair with the controversial ex-husband of another famous actress

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