They assure that Niurka Marcos did witchcraft to Laura Bozzo

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Some netizens comment that in the reality show “The House of the Famous” there was witchcraft and Niurka Marcos could be the character who did it against the talk show host, Laura Bozzo; however, there are those who claim that this could affect it.

“I’m going to make you a jujujaja right now, as they say urbanly, a witchcraft”, commented Niurka. Afterward, Bozzo responded, “Oh no, not witchcraft. No”, but she stood still and without much confidence while her partner “helped” her with saliva, which she put on her hair.

“You’ve seen, since I came in here ‘I’m going to win’. The word is a temple for better or for worse, you decree. And from now on you will repeat, cevery time they dominate you ‘I can’t go out because I’m the jester, the wild card of the house, the joy’. The public is going to save you because the house, instead of spitting on you, is going to suck you up. You can’t go out because you have to correct your crazy head, “Niurka told Laura.

Romina thinks about the controversies of Niurka Marcos in “The House of the Famous”

Romina Marcosdaughter of Niurka Marcos He considers that his mother is working in the best possible way in “The House of Celebrities 2”, since the program is a reality show and it is about generating controversy

“I think my mom knows very well what it was. My mom is working; a reality show is about making controversy, to do a show,” Romina told the press when she left Televisa San Ángel.

The young woman said that she is proud of her mother that she has and that the criticism they make of her will never stop, because they have existed all her life and even so she has gotten ahead with three children and alone.

“I love my mom. Above what they can say I will always feel very proud of the woman she is. I know who my mom is. There is nothing that people can say that makes me doubt the woman she is, who has raised her three children despite everything they have said, everything they have talked about her all her life and that will always continue. going on,” he said.

The distance between Marcos and Romina

About the possible sentimental relationship between Marcos and Juan Vidal, the influencer considers that her mother has always been free and has not affected anyone during her 54 years. Romina also shared that she misses Niurka very much, but they seek a way to be close to her despite the fact that the star is in Miami and she is in Mexico.

“My mom can do whatever she wants; she is a woman who has lived, done and undone. Happy to see her happy, that she does what she wants. She has never stepped over anyone to be where she is, to be who she is. She is very transparent, she says things as she thinks them, as she believes them. If you agree with her that’s great, if not, nothing happens. She doesn’t force anyone to be on her side, to think like her.

“My mom always sent us a little message saying ‘Children, youhave a good week’, at noon, of course I miss that presence, but it’s worse for her because she doesn’t know anything about us, at least I go to YouTube, I watch her 24/7 and see if she takes a look fart, if she’s taking a bath, if she’s eating, I know everything, but she doesn’t,” said the young woman.

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They assure that Niurka Marcos did witchcraft to Laura Bozzo

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