They attack Evelyn Beltrán. The girlfriend of Toni Costa, ex of Adamari López, is told: “He breaks homes”

Toni Costa and Evelyn Beltran.

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Evelyn Beltran denies having been the other. He denies having the role of home breaker in the separation of Toni Costa and Adamari López. And it is that, in effect, a part of the public labels the Mexican: “He breaks homes.” But this time the sexy model has not remained silent and, imitating Toni’s attitude, she responds with force but with respect, saying: “Did you live there to find out what happened?”

Both Toni Costa and Evelyn Beltrán are clear about the dates on which their romance began. They perfectly remember when they met, and this, according to their time, exempts them from “alleged guilt”, because they did not start their relationship when they were still together.

According to their accounts, Toni and Adamari López had been separated for five months when Evelyn and he met. Now and in the face of this new attack, Evelyn made use of how they had lived her romance, reminding the public how everything began between her and the famous supposed new member of La Casa de los Famosos: “How people continue with their nonsense. Get over it already! I was not the other. Once again I met Toni in August 2021, he broke up in April 2021.What is not understood about it?“.

However, it seems that the public is obsessed and they want to find a culprit in the breakup of Adamari and Toni. Instead of recognizing that in couple problems, there is also the fault in themselves -in the protagonists of each story of love and heartbreak- and not necessarily in third or fourth persons, they prefer to see in Evelyn the villain of a soap opera that it’s over

As expected Toni also intervened in this situation. In the past he always stood up for his partner -Adamari-, on social networks. He always defended the mother of her only daughter in front of everyone when they pointed her out for being overweight. Now, even being separated from her, he also defends her when someone attacks her for her relationship or treatment with Alaïa. Therefore, it is not strange to see him also defend his new girlfriend, Evelyn Beltrán.

Faced with the attack that she has received, again, this is what Toni has had to say: “It is what provokes her comments so ugly with so little respect, what a pity for people who without any tact or respect speak like that about another woman ”.

The attacks can be found in Toni and Evelyn’s recent photo shoot. But already a part of the public also begins to come out in defense of the new couple saying: “Oh no, get over it people, no one is eternal to be with someone… Let them lead their lives and be happy… They deserve it, just as Adamari deserves to be happy with someone“.

In this interview with Mandy Fridmann the public can find the love story of Toni Costa and Evelyn Beltrán:

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They attack Evelyn Beltrán. The girlfriend of Toni Costa, ex of Adamari López, is told: “He breaks homes”

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