They no longer hide their love: Rodrigo De Paul’s emotional message to Tini Stoessel

Rodrigo dePaul and Tini Stoessel

Tini Stoessel and Rodrigo dePaul They are living an intense romance. As they both keep a low profile regarding their private life, they were careful to expose themselves at first, but could not prevent it from being leaked to the media. photos of them in Ibiza, Spain. Apparently, now the couple is more relaxed and no longer hide their love.

On her official Instagram account, the popular singer posted on her feed a video in which he appears singing the new song “Carne y Hueso”. He quickly received many likes and comments congratulating her on this song. “You are triple T”, expressed the player of Atlético de Madrid and the Argentine National Team in a publication. He also put a heart emoji.

The message of love from Rodrigo De Paul to Tini Stoessel
The message of love from Rodrigo De Paul to Tini Stoessel

This is not the first time that he expresses his love through the networks. Recently, she Tini made a live on Instagram to celebrate with her fans the success of The Triple T”, which is number 1 on Spotify, both in Argentina and Uruguay. Rodrigo appeared in the middle of the transmission to comment a white heart. Quickly, those who were following the transmission took a screenshot and this went viral on social networks. Previously, De Paul had given a like when Stoessel released “The Triple T”.

Before his relationship with the ex-star of Violetta, the player spent ten years in a relationship with Camila Homes. They had met when she was 15 and he was 17. At that time, he was playing in the lower divisions of Racing and had a promising career. In 2014, the athlete was transferred to Valencia, Spain. Camila supported his partner by encouraging him to take a big leap in his career. They packed their bags with a family project. Two years later, they emigrated to Italy: The player was a Udinese club figure for five years.

In January 2019 Francesca, their first daughter, was born. And in July 2021 Bautista arrived. The birth of the minor was in the midst of a couple crisis. For example, the next day Rodrigo and Camila would have signed such a separation agreement focused on community property. It is that they had not legally married and wanted to make it clear, and in writing, when their bond had formally ended.

In 2021, the family returned to Spain because De Paul had been transferred to Atlético de Madrid, even as one of the figures of the Argentina team. Camila was in charge of looking for a house to live with her family. At that time, the couple tried to fight for their relationship. But the relationship did not prosper. He stayed defending the Atlético de Madrid shirt and she returned to Buenos Aires with her children.

My relationship with Rodrigo is cordial for the good of our childrensaid the model in a recent interview. Although the separations are painful, they managed to put their conflicts in the background and have a good relationship for the well-being of the little ones. For this reason, at the beginning of May The model traveled from Buenos Aires to Madrid so that her ex could be reunited with her two children.


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They no longer hide their love: Rodrigo De Paul’s emotional message to Tini Stoessel

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