They report the death of driver Fernando del Solar at the age of 49

Driver Fernando del Solar He died at the age of 49, as confirmed by one of the programs in which he worked for many years “Venga la Alegría”.

The Argentine would offer a conference in Mérida, but it was postponed because Del Solar was hospitalized for Covid-19.

In mid-2012, the Argentine was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphomaa type of cancer that develops in the body’s white blood cells.

He recovered, but recently canceled events due to health complications.

He was host of the programs “Insomnia”, “Sexes in war”, “Come joy” and Beat the chef.

In March 2018, he joined the Televisa program “Hoy”, for 3 weeks, under the production of Magda Rodríguez.

He was married to the driver Ingrid Coronado, with whom he had two children. A few months ago he married Anna Ferro in Cancun; The couple shared the special moment on social networks.

A few days ago the father of the also actor passed away, and he was fired by Fernando with a heartfelt message:

“I feel very sad and I still can’t believe that I’m not going to see my old man anymore… Neither eat a barbecue, nor laugh at his occurrences… Today I’m going to smile because it happened, because it was him and for everything we lived together . Hardly hours have passed and I already miss you. I keep everything I learned, with his successes, but more of his mistakes. To fly to the highlands dad! You will always live in me, I LOVE YOU. ”

The life of Fernando del Solar

1973 He was born on April 5 in Buenos Aires.
90’S It is established in Mexico.
1998 He has a small participation in the telenovela “Perla”.
1999 It is part of the telenovela “Háblame de amor”.
2000 He hosts the program “Insomnia”.
2002 Along with Ingrid Coronado, he hosts the program “Sexes at War” until 2005.
2003 Participates in the telenovela “A new love”.
2006 It is integrated into the program “Come joy.” In this first stage she leads until 2009, Ingrid Coronado also participates in the program.
2008 In July, Del Solar and Coronado reveal that after many years of friendship they decide to start a romance and she is expecting her first child, with whom she is three months pregnant.
2008 On December 19 of that year his son Luciano was born.
2010 It is integrated into the “Mexican Lottery” program. He lives a second stage in “Venga la alegría” until 2012.
2011 In March, Del Solar and Coronado confirmed that they are expecting their second child. Paolo is born in September of that year.
2012 On May 5, after four years of cohabitation, Coronado and Del Solar marry in an intimate ceremony.
2012 Del Solar hosts “The Academy 10 Years”.
2012 In July, the driver reveals that he was diagnosed Hodgkin lymphoma (cancer of the lymphatic system), which has mainly affected his right lung. “I really want to live,” she declares.
2014 He hosts the program “Beat the chef”.
2015 In May, he reappears and assures that thanks to a new treatment he has gotten ahead in his fight against the disease.
2015 Also at the end of May, Coronado confirmed that she had been separated from Del Solar for months.
2015 On December 21, after trips to Cuba and Monterrey for treatment, Del Solar suffers a relapse and is hospitalized.
2016 On January 5, Del Solar’s hospitalization and the causes are revealed: they discovered a new tumor in his lung and he receives treatment to encapsulate it. He posts a thank you message on Twitter.
2017 Fernando del Solar introduces his new love Anna Ferro.
2018 It is presented in the program “Hoy”.
2019 He returns to “Venga de Alegría” but has to leave due to health problems.
2019 He is hospitalized for a pulmonary problem.
2022 He marries his girlfriend Anna Ferro.
2022 He died in Mexico City.


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They report the death of driver Fernando del Solar at the age of 49

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