They reveal the generous gesture of Johnny Depp to keep safe companions of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’

Johnny Depp is known to be a generous companion among the actors who have been able to work with him. This confirmed it Kevin McNally, who played the role of Mr. Gibbs in the movies of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. The actor revealed the gifts that Depp gave to the team members during the recordings.

Johnny Depp and the generous gift for the workers of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’

Kevin said Johnny Depp bought several coats for the production members to make sure they didn’t get cold while filming in Britain.He also gave them leather wallets that had the tattoo on his arm engraved.

This information had already been revealed by a member of the production, who in 2010 He said the actor had given 500 coats worth $ 75,000 to the workers. This happened because the actor was worried about the workers because they were working in the rain and in the cold, so he decided to act.

Depp wasn’t the only one who gave gifts on the set of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. Kevin said that Geoffrey Rush, who plays the role of Captain Barbossa, gave everyone a black pearl as a parting gift.

Kevin said that he still had the pearl and that after so many years he had not yet mounted it on a piece of jewelry, but that he would soon.

Now that Depp will no longer be part of the saga, Margot Robbie will be the protagonist in the new film and the actress is rumored to wish it to be an LGBTTTIQ character.

Meanwhile Johnny Depp continues to fight a legal battle against his ex-wife, without a certain future about what will happen to his career in Hollywood, which has been affected due to the scandals of his past marriage.

Johnny Depp wins a battle against Amber Heard

The legal battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continues and it was recently revealed that the actor had achieved a victory in the case. According to The Independent, Depp’s legal team managed to gain access to Heard’s phone to try to verify that the actress falsified photos of her injuries after alleged physical abuse she suffered in 2015.

According to Page Six, in 2015, When Amber made a domestic violence report and LAPD arrived on the scene, they found no injuries on the actress, nor did they find signs of disturbance in the penthouse.

According to Depp’s attorney Benjamin Chew, the actress and her friends would have made the photographs later and used them to get a temporary restraining order and ask for $ 7 million in divorce settlement.

In 2018 Heard wrote an article about the alleged abuse he suffered in the Washington Post, where he said he suffered from two black eyes, a broken nose and a split lip, however he never named Johnny Depp. In response, the actor sued his ex for $ 50 million.

Another statement from Depp’s legal team against Heard is that The actress would have lied by stating that she had donated the 7 million from her divorce to the children’s hospital in Los Angeles.

A New York judge ordered the Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to produce documents proving that it received a donation from actress Amber Heard as part of the agreement it made upon divorcing Johnny Depp.

Johnny’s attorneys filed a petition in the New York Supreme Court last May for the ACLU to release the documents they have requested. Such documents would prove that Amber fulfilled her promise to divide the $ 7 million she received as part of her divorce in 2016, as she claims. So far the ACLU has refused to provide the documents.

Under the divorce settlement, she would donate the money to the ACLU and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Depp wanted this information to be used in the $ 50 million defamation complaint filed against Heard, after she wrote an article on domestic violence in the Washington Post alluding to her relationship with the actor.

For his part Heard said she hadn’t been dishonest about donations to the ACLU and the children’s hospital, detailing that she had said she would pay those $ 7 million over 10 years.

The judge gave way to 23 of the 24 requests that the actor made in the motion. This means that the civil rights organization will have to present evidence of the contribution made by Heard.

According to the Daily Mail, what the judge refused to grant was the request for documents related to the actress’s role as an ambassador for the ACLU.

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They reveal the generous gesture of Johnny Depp to keep safe companions of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’