They revive video of Gerard Piqué’s bad attitude with a journalist; he spoke loudly in front of Shakira

Shakira and Gerard Piqué do not move away from the media focus for any reason, due to the constant publications and details that come to light of the relationship they had for more than ten years. The couple was at the center of various news in the international press and social networks, once the final break between the two became official.

The two celebrities are the protagonists of some content, which reveals what their relationship was like in the past, the secrets they had within their family, the behaviors they displayed in public and the possible betrayals of which they were victims. Many rumors go viral, arousing interest in the faithful followers of celebrities.

In the midst of waiting to find out what the future of this case will be, where the custody and well-being of the couple’s children are at stake, attention is focused on old content that is broadcast on digital platforms, where the reactions and attitudes that the soccer player had with Shakira and the press are shown.

Social networks continue to do their thing, and in the last few hours an unexpected video began to circulate that, despite not being current, once again caused outrage among users of these digital spaces. This is a reaction that the Spanish soccer player had in the past, when a journalist approached him to try to ask him questions and capture his arrival at an airport.

According to the images that portray the clip, everything happened in 2016 when the athlete and the pop artist arrived at the scene in the company of their firstborn, Milan. The three move through the airport, trying to avoid the camera lens, so the 35-year-old Spaniard opens an umbrella that he was carrying in his hands and seeks to cover his family.

Given the woman’s insistence on capturing what was happening, the soccer player did not hesitate to express his discomfort and react hatefully to her, reaching the point of speaking loudly to her and almost attacking her so that she would not follow him anymore.

The video details the exact moment in which the journalist stands next to the celebrities, but Piqué grabs her arm and removes her cell phone, looking for a way not to take photos of her. The reporter is amazed and decides to ask the soccer player why he gets this way if there is no reason.

But why do you get like this, don’t take the camera”, says the woman, to which the Spaniard replies: “That’s it, that’s it, I don’t want photos”.

Once this happens, the woman chooses to follow the couple in the place again, seeking to record all their passage in the company of their eldest son. Shakira and Piqué walk hand in hand, while members of their team try to keep the press from approaching them at that moment.

Faced with this defensive behavior, some followers They mentioned the fact that the European reacted in this way to his sentimental partner and his little one, since he was seen to be upset and uncomfortable with said situation. Other people came out to support the celebrity, stating that “it was understandable because of the invasion of their privacy and personal space.”

I hammered it dispatched against the journalists

It is important to remember that months ago, the member of the Barcelona club was the center of criticism among some people, due to a surprising response he had when approached by a journalist, his breakup with Shakira was just reported.

The Catalan, with an aggressive attitude, knocked down the man’s cell phone so as not to be recorded, for which those present at the event reproached him for his behavior. The Spanish press commented on what happened, indicating that it was not unusual, as Piqué used to raise his voice to the Barranquilla woman in public when they had arguments or trouble at social events.

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They revive video of Gerard Piqué’s bad attitude with a journalist; he spoke loudly in front of Shakira

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