This is how Esther Doña tried to become the new Isabel Preysler: aristocratic wedding, haute couture inns and a romance with political significance

She is a newcomer to the national social chronicle, but her career pointed to ways to become a possible new focus of attraction on the planet of the aristocratic jet set. We talk about
Esther Donathe woman who jumped to the covers in 2015 after announcing her romance with
Carlos FalcoMarquis of Griñón and 42 years older than his girlfriend.

Doña, then an unknown, became the fourth wife of the Marquis in 2017 and then deployed a striking communication strategy that tried to replicate, step by step, the
pink operation what made of
Isabel Preysler what she still is: the queen of hearts.

Isabel Preysler invented a roadmap that Esther Doña (44 years old) has tried to replicate with little success. Namely: presenting yourself as a woman without a past, rising to fame thanks to marriage, conquering the covers based on mystery and style and
chain marriages with powerful men, all with hardly any more than platitudes in interviews. Actually, the Preysler mystique was built on account of her silence.

Esther Doña had it very difficult to become a new Preysler, and not only because of her career, her image or her personality. Impossible to ignore the forty years that separate the irresistible rise of Isabel as the erotic and social myth of the socialist era of the ball, of this hyperconnected 21st century where practically all
cover women they have completely lost any kind of aura. The mystery of using it so much on Instagram was broken for us. Social networks impose the cruel law of transparency, a place without myths.

Isabel Preysler was able to present herself as a young woman without a past whose life began with Julio Iglesias. It was long after her that she transcended her life in the Philippines and the particularities of her family. Esther Doña, however, could not pull off her character in her
romance with the Marquis of Griñón.

Although at the time he tried by all means to
erase the traces of his previous life (in fact he got it, because there is no trace of it on the networks), the media investigated his past through friends, neighbors and acquaintances.

After his surprising secret wedding in 2017, a ceremony that was not attended by any of the Marquis’s children, we learned of the two versions of the
Biography of Esther Dona. In the official one, she was placed as a model on the two national catwalks, Cibeles and Gaudí, and for not being precise or specifying her age, a fact that is still surrounded by a certain mystery.

In the unofficial, two marriages were confirmed and their presence in the leisure circles of
Bertín Osborne, Máximo Valverde or José María González de Caldasthe businessman and president of the Sevilla Football Club, famous for his relationship with
Sofia Mazagatos in the first decade of this century.

Malagueña from the Capuchinos neighbourhood, daughter of working parents and sister of a local police officer and a socialist councilor in the town hall, Esther Doña married very young with a
businessman 25 years older, hence the interest in not specifying exactly his date of birth. The relationship did not last and she, after breaking up, remarried another Spanish businessman (this one 18 years older than her) with whom she lived in London, where she seems to have called herself Lady Esther.

Isabel Preysler has kept her working life practically unprecedented, beyond her occasional advertising campaigns and a failed television program, Esther Doña has some experience as

It seems that he set up several businesses related to the world of cosmetics, both in London and in Spain, which did not come to fruition. In fact, it was published that he had had to testify in court for an alleged crime of fraud.

After her last divorce, Esther Doña returned to Malaga, where she soon met the Marquis of Griñón, precisely at a wine tasting organized in her honor. She turned into Marchioness of Griñón, she was able to apply as a
new Isabel Preysler in the pages of the favorite magazine of royals, aristocrats and jet set, where she starred in several reports posing with the air of a British lady, between vineyards and salons and often surrounded by dogs and horses, as befits a true landowner.

Unfortunately, the death of Carlos Falcó in 2020 made her a widow Marchioness and uncovered her
differences with the children of the Marquis of Griñón, although both parties knew how to resolve them discreetly and settled, thanks to an economic agreement, the presence of Esther Doña in El Rincón, the palace located 50 kilometers from Madrid where she lived with Carlos Falcó and from which she belonged the usufruct.

Who is Esther Doña’s new partner?

Esther Doña restarted her life in 2020 as
Dowager Marchioness of Griñón, a deference that Tamara Falcó, current Marchioness of Griñón and finally heir to the influence of her mother, Isabel Preysler, wanted to show her. That was when she encountered the difficulty of keeping her
media presencewithout marquisate, palace or invitations to jet set parties.

She tried to become a star collaborator on television, but her communicative skills did not catch on. Neither does she have her memoirs with the Marquis, titled “The Life of a Great Man Through My Eyes” (ed. Planet). She did not tell them anything about the great fight that ended with Falcó’s bones in a dungeon.

The (pen)last cartridge of Esther Doña to stay in the limelight also seems to be taken from Isabel Preysler’s style manual. Doña’s new boyfriend and future husband is once again a
man with power, but from an area absolutely unexplored by celebrities such as the judiciary. This is Judge Santiago Pedraz, who comes to play in the Doña universe the role played by Miguel Boyer in Preysler’s.

This daring step of marrying the most
high legal-political instances He has returned to take her to the cover on several occasions. Will we see Esther Doña’s fourth wedding on the cover of ‘Hello’? Now that is a mystery to solve.

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This is how Esther Doña tried to become the new Isabel Preysler: aristocratic wedding, haute couture inns and a romance with political significance

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