This is how Henry Cavill, from ‘Superman’, reacted when he saw Shakira: he was surprised by her beauty

Shakira is one of the most recognized Colombian musical icons around the world for her Latin talent and beauty. This was demonstrated when Henry Cavill saw her pose on a red carpet dressed in tight black pants and a red blouse while she was photographed by hundreds of cameramen.

His reaction was such that the actor turned twice to ask the reporter, who was interviewing him, if she was Shakira. Receiving a positive response, Cavill widened his eyes and was shocked.

The video posted by I know everything displayed several comments from followers of the two stars. For example: “How we all were when we saw him shocked” ; “Oh, moríííí, he likes Latinas, hahaha”; “Come to Colombia, I would fall in love”, Be careful, Piqué, because Superman has already arrived”, One netizen wrote with laughter.

But it is worth mentioning the last three news that the barranquillera has starred in:

The first was his participation in the Cannes Festival where She wore a long black dress that highlighted her beauty and figure. So she let him see her more than 72 million followers of her Instagram account.

“What an extraordinary film by one of my favorite artists of all time,” he wrote on his social networks, where he also published a video with the best moments of his experience at this festival that is recognized worldwide for bringing together celebrities and the best filmmakers.

The artist received numerous comments, including that of this follower who did not hesitate to praise her: “You look beautiful. Diva. Beautiful, wonderful.”

The second news that drew attention was when the Barcelona Court rejected Shakira’s appeal against her prosecution for six alleged crimes against the Public Treasury, as indicated by the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC). That is, the court will keep the processing which was issued in July last year by the Investigating Court 2 of Esplugues de Llobregat (Barcelona). It should be remembered that Shakira is being investigated because she allegedly stopped paying taxes in Spain in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Shakira is an influential woman who stands out in the music industry

But not all the news is bad, this third is the recognition he received at the Ivors Academy Awards 2022, where he received an award.

The academy highlighted the talent of the Barranquilla being an influential and important woman in the music industry. The interpreter of ‘Waka Waka’ was nominated twice.

According to the website of the event, in which the winners were described, the virtues of the Colombian are mentioned.

“She is a great songwriter; In addition to her good lyrics, she has been able to translate them from Spanish into different languages ​​and she does it wonderfully, ”describes the text.

Shakira sweeps New York (FILE PHOTO) 07/07/2018 – Photo: Europe Press

Finally, the artist premiered her song Congratulations with Rauw Alejandro on April 21, a song that so far has more than 48 million views on YouTube and hundreds of comments on the platform.

“Shakira continues to reinvent herself, she is definitely the Latin artist with the greatest projection and who for three decades has known how to stay at the top of her success”; “Here we are the real fans of our Shakira. Enjoying her successes and recognitions. I congratulate you, it is a megahit in all the radios of the world. I congratulate you, I congratulate you, I congratulate you, ”wrote her followers.

Other Internet users added to this: “There is no doubt that this topic is rising like foam, we must continue sharing to reach a larger audience. Shakira deserves it, the queen of Latin music”; “Coming back, reinventing herself and as always… she does not disappoint, that’s why she is the Latin queen! I hope and wish that we see her in Qatar 2022!”

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This is how Henry Cavill, from ‘Superman’, reacted when he saw Shakira: he was surprised by her beauty

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