This is Lorena González, the new girlfriend of Giovani Dos Santos and daughter of Dr. Simi | PHOTOS

Recently, we have seen that the striker Giovani Dos Santos is starting romance with a model named Lorraine Gonzalez. The new one partner spill love on social networks and this has not gone unnoticed by Internet users, as well as the name of the famous dr simi also came out in this relationship.

The 33-year-old footballer has a reputation as a heartthrob and at one time rose to fame as a partner to the famous singer, Belinda. He also dated the model Mariana Villalobos for a while and, later, it was said that he was about to marry the model Alexia Imaz.

Who is Lorena González, the new girlfriend of Giovani Dos Santos?

Lorena González, the soccer player’s new partner, is an actress and lifestyle and fashion influencer, but she is also the daughter of businessman Víctor González Torres, better known as Dr. Simi. The model is also known as lolo and she is the youngest of five siblings: Eugenia, Jessica, Clara and Víctor.

Lorena González is the youngest daughter of Dr. Simi | IG: @lologlez

The young woman has more than 23,000 followers on her Instagram account, where she loves to share stories and photos of her trips, her friends and family and, of course, her new love.

The heiress to Similar Pharmacies studied Communication Sciences and has a master’s degree in Acting from the University of Southern California (USC). As a model, she has worked for various clothing lines, such as that of her ex-sister-in-law Cuca Díaz, because Before Giovani, the young woman had a romantic relationship with businessman Pepe Díaz, a well-known ex-boyfriend of actress Eiza González.

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Lorena González is a model, actress and influencer | IG: @lologlez

Currently, Lorena participates in three films that are in the post-production process.

In addition to working as an actress and model, Giovani Dos Santos’ new girlfriend also likes to do altruistic work, as she has been linked to the SINTRATA foundation, which focuses on combating and preventing trafficking in women in Mexico. She has also worked in campaigns in favor of the environment.

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The model loves altruistic work | IG: @lologlez

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Giovani Dos Santos and Lorena González spill honey on social networks

The couple confirmed their love on social media when they both shared posts from a romantic vacation they spent in Hawaii. In Lolo’s stories, there was a tender image in which they are seen holding hands together with a heart emoji.

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The couple wastes honey on social networks | IG: @lologlez

Likewise, the couple shared some fun photos they took of each other while they were in a restaurant.

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Lorena and Giovani have fun together | IG: @lologlez

Although there are very few photos of the couple, at least we are seeing signs that these lovebirds have already decided to start showing their love on social networks. Do you think they will reach the altar?

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This is Lorena González, the new girlfriend of Giovani Dos Santos and daughter of Dr. Simi | PHOTOS

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